Zulu Shaman aboard the mothership

Zulu Shaman aboard the mothership

31 Mar 2020 Kaya Tributes

By Kagiso Mnisi

Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa was widely known for being iSanusi, yet his other talents, most notably as a theatre practitioner and sculptor, are more often than not relegated aback. In this podcast, Kagiso Mnisi is in an embrace with Kgafela oa Magogodi, who along with Prince Lamla resurrected Mutwa’s intergalactic stage play known as uNosilimela for drama students to engage at Wits University.

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In this conversation, Magogodi centers Mutwa’s curatorship of theatrical prowess. And as the telepathic journey progresses aboard the mothership that surfs the Mutwa universe, writer and visual poet, Tseliso Monaheng recalls a trip to Kuruman were he was met by Credo Mutwa’s gargantuan zest to breath life into his sculptures.