Zikhona Tshona shares her favorite Song, Book, and a Dish
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Zikhona Tshona shares her favorite Song, Book, and a Dish

20 May 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Award-winning journalist Zikhona Tshona was our guest in our regular segment of A Song, Book and a Dishwith John Perlman.

Her gripping stories in the most remote parts of the country on eNCA have made her household name. In conversation with John Perlman she spoke about how some stories have been difficult yet necessary to tell. “It’s never easy covering a rape story, Life Esidimeni was also not easy. But those are the stories that have to be told. Those are the stories that I choose to tell. I am passionate about the fact that they have to be told and someone needs to see them. As difficult as they are, I feel very strongly about telling them.”

A storyteller

She shared stories of growing up in Ntolweni.  Tshona also reflected on how telling stories in remote parts of the country arose from how there were very few people who told stories about the people in her village when growing up.

A Song

A song that has great meaning to her, one that sparks great memories and she says is loved by her mother is Bongo Muffin’s – Kura Uone. The IsiXhosa lyrics in the song reminds her that ‘there is no place like home’.

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A Book

“When you open a story and you can relate to the characters of the story you can start relying on other things you are going through in your life,”she says after reading an extract of a book, Nothing But the Truth by John Kani. This was her first introduction to Black literature, a story she found relatable and had nuances of her upbringing.

A Dish

Her favorite dish, Umphokoqo (crumbled maize meal), is one dish that her grandmother would make every time she would return home from school. With an amazing story, Zikhona Tshona continues to shine as a compelling storyteller who uses her voice to make a South Africa a better place.

Listen the full conversation here:

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