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You don’t have to be superwoman


By Motlagae Konyana

Women have to do it all.  We are proud of the fact that women can multitask,  juggling motherhood with a successful career, studying and having a great relationship with our man.   And we manager all of this in our Christian Louboutins while keeping our hair and nails looking great too! Iyhooo It’s a lot but women make it look so easy and can make other women envious of how we can do it all.

The only problem is that chasing this idea of perfection eats away at our happiness – because all that we seem to care about is how perfect everything should be.


The Perfect Wife:

There are women who would change their personality just because they are now married but marriage is shouldn’t be about being absorbed into another person.  Women would take on a role that is completely different from her personality.  This is won’t work in the long run,  chasing perfection  tire you in the long run.  There is a lot of bad advice out there about the perfect marriage – don’t listen to it. Marriage is about your partner and you, it’s about making your life better by sharing it with your partner.  If you are tempted to change your personality or yourself to be the perfect wife – don’t even think about it, the strain of playing perfect wife will break you.

Working Mom:

Running a beautiful household, looking good, being efficient at work, spending time with your man, being a mom and raising your children, finding time for family members and social commitments – it is a lot to manage and can pull you into a lot of directions.  The pressure at work also includes the pressure to look good while being efficient and can get strenuous.  Often, women are measuring themselves against standards set by others. The working mom is juggling being the best mom with the best body to fit in her clothing so that she looks great at work.  That is a lot of pressure – however women need to learn that you can be happy even when you are not thin, when your child is not a genius and it is not the end of the world if someone is better than you at something or has a child who is smarter than your son. It is difficult to juggle being a mom, studying and wanting an exceptional career – learn to be okay with not being perfect with everything.


The society we are living in places a lot of importance on what job you do to a point where women who are housewives may feel inadequate.  Other people may make them feel bad or they feel bad because they are not earning money. And these feelings of inadequacy can also put a strain on their relationship as they become more emotionally dependent on their husbands.  Don’t feel inadequate; you are the custodian of the happiness and comfort of the family. It is imperative that you are a well-rounded and secure individual.  You are important as well and do your absence would be felt.

If you are trying to be superwoman you better stop, it is strenuous being the super mom, employee of the month, perfect wife you need to let go and be happy.

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