Working Through The Festive Season - A Survival Guide

Working through the holidays

1 Dec 2020 LIFESTYLE

By: Lifestyle Reporter


As the festive season creeps in, let’s spare a thought for those of us who will be working throughout the holidays. Whether you have zero leave days left or you’re accumulating your days for a two-week Shot’left during off-peak, there’s no easy way to avoid FOMO. So how do you make working through the festive season bearable?


There’s a silver lining

Being office-bound during the holidays has it’s perks. Most people are on leave, which means your open-plan office doesn’t feel quite as claustrophobic. You also have the added benefit of being cool as a cucumber in an air-conditioned office, with unlimited wifi. Save those playlists, now.


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Think beyond daytime

Being at the office during the holidays, doesn’t mean you become a social recluse altogether.  You can still have plans with friends or family at the end of the work day. Sundowners at the pool. Catch-up sessions at the bar, once we’ve sanitised and masked up. Take those weekdays dates and turn them into romantic mini-drives to see the Christmas lights. Think outside the 9am to 5pm mindset.

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Don’t get carried away

Easier said than done with the South African lifestyle weighing so heavily on booze. But pace yourself. If you are meeting up for drinks with the fam’ on a work night, restrict yourself to just 2 drinks, giving yourself enough time to sober up before you leave. You need to be at work the next day and you should aim to get home and get enough sleep each night. Remember, don’t drink and drive.

Spend less

Being at work for a significant portion of the day can end up saving you quite a bit of money. The festive season is a time where budgets go out the window and spending gets out of control. Being at the office while your people are out playing tourists in their own city and country, will see you saving money in the way of fuel and other contributions.


See, there are a few perks to being office-bound this festive season. Playing Scrooge with your December pay cheque is right up there as the biggest perk.

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