Working Through The Festive Season - A Survival Guide

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Working through the festive season, career, what to do when you have to work in the summer, tips for working in the festive season,

Working through the festive season

20 November 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

Some Afropolitans will be working through the festive season. Whether due to a lack of leave days or saving leave days for an occasion in the new year – two-week Shot’left during off-peak season, anyone? But even if you know you have to work for the greater good, there will be no denying the FOMO. So how can you make working through the festive season work for you?

There’s a silver lining

While your loved ones will be having a festive time in the heat, you will be in an environment that’s air-conditioned. Aren’t the unceasing heatwaves just the worst part of summer? Even breath feels thick and sweaty. Working through the festive season will spare you that torture. By the time you get home or go to join the festivities, the heat might be at tolerable levels.

Working through the festive season, career, what to do when you have to work in the summer, tips for working in the festive season,

Think beyond daytime

If you are done at work at 17:00, there’s about four hours’ worth of fun to be had before heading to bed to be fresh for the next workday. You may miss a lot while you’re at work during the day but you won’t miss all the festivities. Why not set up with your family and friends to have some of the festive season activities after work?

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Don’t get carried away

While there’s still a lot of festive season fun to be had after hours and on the weekend, the key to having it all is to not get carried away. Be sure to keep your drinking in line with that of someone who has to be at work the next morning; stay safe on the roads by making sure you stay under the limit or get a designated driver. And ensure you get enough sleep each night.

Spend less

Being at work for a significant portion of the day can end up saving you quite a bit of money. The festive season is a time where budgets are rarely adhered to and spending can get out of control. So you were at the office when your good friends decided to go on an impromptu day trip? You will have saved money in the way of petrol and other contributions.


There you have it, that’s how you can make working this festive season work for you. Do you have experience working through the festive season? Share your tips with us and other Afropolitans using #KayaOnline


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