A Winter Moisturisation Cheatsheet For Face, Hair And Body

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Winter moisturisation cheatsheet


By Nomali Cele


Winter brings with it skincare concerns that are unique to the season. From dryness to flaky skin, you can suddenly find yourself in a head-to-toe skin emergency during winter. The key is to keep your hair, body and skin moisturised, keeping the dryness of the season in mind. So how do you stay on top of winter moisturisation? We have a few ideas.

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Winter moisturisation tricks for hair

Winter protective styling is only the beginning of you taking care of your hair during this harsh season. Ensuring that your hair under the protective style is moisturised and treated goes a long way in preventing breakages.

Conditioning is one of the keys to putting in and retaining moisture in hair and come winter time, it’s important to double down all your conditioning efforts. Deep condition your hair, but also look into moisturising leave-in conditioners, which will all help lock in moisture for longer.

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Winter moisturisation tricks for the face

Keep the dryness that’s due to the elements off your face during winter. Keep up your exfoliating efforts but, where possible, switch from physical scrubs and start exfoliating chemically.

Chemical exfoliants are much gentler on the skin and mean zero micro tears on your face. Clearing the dry and dead skin and other impurities leaves you with a beautiful canvas to begin your moisture retention efforts. Serums and other treatments are your friends during this season. Your skincare steps will get longer but it’s worth it.

If you’ve prided yourself on using a lightweight moisturiser, winter may demand a switch to something thicker.


Winter moisturisation tricks for the body

Dry knees, elbows and heels are not the look! Take extra care to moisturise your body during winter by introducing body oils and body butters to your routine. Body oil should never be used as a replacement for a compatible, good body moisturiser. The oil is there to act as a sealant but if there’s nothing to seal in the first place, it can be rendered powerless. Full body exfoliation being part of your body care routine will improve your skin’s glow.

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It’s important to also remember to take care of your skin’s unique concerns and treat them during this season. This can include acne, ageing and more.


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