Wine Racks And Displays For Beginner Wine Lovers

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Are you even a wine rack person?

30 Jul 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele


There are two kinds of wine people. People who collect and display their good taste in wine and those who savour their good taste. But if you truly love the art of wine, these two personas are likely to overlap over time and you will find yourself collecting as much as you consume. In this article we’ll share different wine racks and displays for the wine lover.


Single wine racks and displays

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Have a bottle you want to store or show off? The single wine racks and displays are the way you should be going. These displays, racks or stands are built to show off single wine bottles at a time.

Single wine racks and displays are the starting point for those wanting to show off their bottles. If you are a keen wine buyer, you’ll find yourself needing to graduate to a bigger wine display.


Beginner wine racks and displays


You don’t need to have a huge wine collection to start storing or displaying them. Start with a small wine rack, most retailers have small wine racks that fit between four and six wine bottles. You are not ageining the ones stored and displayed here, they will be consumed in a few weeks or a few months down the line.

As your love for wine grows and the urge to collect grows, you need to keep a few things in mind. For instance, not all wines are suited to long-term storage; the first indicator of this would be in the kind of cork your wine comes with. Confused?


According to this CNBC report, “For wines with a natural cork, the longer the cork, the longer the wine will hold,” and “Bottles with either a shorter natural cork or synthetic cork do not tend to allow the wine to age because more air can get in.”


Is that bottle you recently bought worth ageing? According to this wine collectors resource, very few wines age well beyond 10 years. They report that collectors will, “want to estimate the prime drinking window of the wines you collect so that you can drink, trade, or sell them before they go downhill.”


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