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Why It’s important for your child to learn coding

5 Mar 2018 EDUCATION

By Zuko Komisa

Parenting a prosperous child involves an important component, making sure that they are ready for the fast-changing world of technology. The importance of teaching them skills when they are young makes it easier for them to excel when they get older.

Coding, or computer programming, involves a language that instructs a computer to perform functions. This is becoming more and more important in many countries with more schools seeing the importance of teaching this skill to students while they are still young.


Why Coding?

Our world is completely controlled by software, we wake up and use our digital alarm clock, the phone calls we make are software-controlled, the social media networks we use to communicate, getting to unfamiliar place require navigation system, online shopping, games and the films we watch on our tablets, design software programmes that create our clothes, interiors, food. The world as we know it revolves around coded software.

Some benefits of teaching your child coding:  

We all need and use technology

Technology is the engine of any economy, sadly not everyone can read and write code. It’s important for this generation of kids, right now, starting at eight years old, to read and write code.

Fills the Talent gap in the sector

In South Africa, there is a need for smart people who can create simple solutions to our complex problems, there is a future in coding for your child.

Keeps Your Child Ahead of The Pack

You want your child to be able to command the world that will be thoroughly computerised in the future, coding will set them apart from the pack.

Opens new doors

In a country that will in the future need everyone know how our digital world works, not just engineers, your child will be a step closer.

A Better World

The main purpose of any technology, apart from making a ridiculous profit, is to help humanity. Teaching your child about coding early could help change the ills of this world, by making the world so much easier.

Get started by going to the below websites, they are useful resources to get your child started in the world of coding:

Kids Who Code

Kids Who Code is a non-profit who’s aim is to empower children from both affluent and underprivileged communities in South Africa to increase their skill-set by teaching them how to Code using various programming languages



code.org is an organisation that primarily helps students in America learn computer sciences.


Scratch offers free online tools to teach children from the age of eight to 16 how to code.


Web Design for Kids

If you’re a teacher or a parent who wants to teach kids how to make their own website, the Envato Tuts+ Web Design for Kids is a great, easy-to-learn resource.

You child’s world is shaped every day by software, schools today are opting use devices rather than books as educational tools which makes it crucial that our children know how to operate them

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