Who is paying for the e-tolls in South Africa today?

Who is paying for the e-tolls?


By Breakfast with David Team

Conversations about e-tolls have in the main focused on the collections and possible legal summons that road users could face. The e-tolls issue has been both political and contention.

E-toll collectors Electronic Toll Collection says the non-payment of e-tolls will have adverse effects on the country’s fiscus in the long run. ETC is the company contracted to collect e-toll payments on behalf of the South African National Roads Agency, Sanral.


With only 30% of motorists currently paying their e-tolls – SANRAL will not be able to settle the debt incurred for upgrading roads. As a result SANRAL has missed its e-toll collection by almost R6 billion in the last year alone.

The roads agency implementing the unpopular etolls on Gauteng highways in December of 2013 despite resistance from the public

Motorists who have refused to pay hold the view that they were not consulted about the implementation of the tolls to begin with.

Speaking to David O’Sullivan on Kaya FM, Electronic Toll Collection CEO Coenie Vermaak says motorists are obliged by law to repay the debt on maintaining their roads.

Electronic Toll Collection

This year alone the Electronic Toll Collection says they have issued over 16 thousand summons in the past quarter. Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, Outa, is defending some of the Gauteng motorists who have received summons over non-payment of e-tolls.

Organisation Undoing Tax Alliance says SANRAL needs to make up for its debt via the fiscus because the the 3 million motorists who owe e-tolls will not pay..

OUTA is in litigation with SANRAL where it is testing the legality of SANRAL’s case.

It currently has 4 big cases where it is representing individuals who say that they are unable to pay for e-tolls. OUTA says government is waging a war with its constituents by insisting the payment of E-tolls. Until the cases are concluded there is no precedent on the implications for road users on not paying for the use of the tolled Gauteng highways.

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