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In the second episode of WHAT’S WRONG WITH GROOVIN? curated by DJ Kenzhero and Tha_Muzik, we commemorated the revolutionary spirits of Thomas Isodore Noel Sankara and Ernesto Che Guevara .

We remember Sankara ahead of the 32nd  anniversary of his assassination  in a 1987 coup.  An ingenious leader,  he strove for social and economic justice for Burkina Faso during his lifetime. Argentinian born Guevara, a leader of the Cuban Revolution and champion of guerilla warfare was executed in Bolivia in 1967. Years after his death, images of the beret-clad socialist icon continue to circulate both in and outside of mainstream culture.

Ernesto Che Guevara via Creative Commons.

It is hard to not think about both Sankara and  Guevara without thinking about the anti-imperialist movements across African and Latin America , specifically how both locales are deeply intertwined. This idea is explored in Egyptian filmmaker, Jihan El-Tahri’s award winning documentary Cuba: An African Odyssey (2007). In her seminal work El-Tahri unpacks a history of Cuba’s efforts during the Cold War in aiding  African countries during their various liberation movements.


Out-takes from Jihan El-Tahri’s Cuba: An African Oddysey via Creative Commons.

Castro’s Cuba was crucial in  offering asylum to many Black political dissidents, including former Black Liberation Army activist Assata Shakur. To this day Shakur remains a  fixture in popular culture, even while  listed as one of the FBI’s Most Wanted terrorists.  Within hip hop alone, Shakur has  inspired the lyrics of many from Public Enemy, to the Digable Planets and Common Sense. Like other Black activists of her generation Shakur’s work continues to inspire a  new generation of young activists, as  part of a continuum of decades-long agitation at the forefront of social change across the globe.

Assata Shukur via Creative Commons.

WHATS WRONG With GROOVIN also paid homage to another important figure in the continent’s history— Léopold Sédar Senghor in the month of what would have been his 103rd  birthday. The poet, philosopher and first president of the Republic of Senegal. Senghor was instrumental in establishing Negritude as a global  Black literary and ideological movement, while laying the foundation for what could be achieved in post-colonial Africa.

Here is the tracklist for WHAT’S WRONG WITH GROOVIN? episode 2, if you missed it:

  • Letta Mbulu – What Is Wrong With Groovin
  • Trevor Deep Junior – Othaway
  • Theo Parrish feat. Paul Randolph – Be Like Me
  • B.J Smith – Hold On To It (Johnny Nash Remix)
  • Dego – My Standards Are Not Too High
  • Billy Bang Quintet – Chan Chan
  • Mark Dr Clive Lowe – The Offering
  • Girma Beyenne & Akale Wube – Bemelkesh Aydelem
  • ST. Germain – Mary L
  • Tarika Blue – Dream Flower
  • BadBadNotGood – In Your Eyes
  • Oscar Brown, Jr – Brother Where Are You (Matthew Herbert Remix)
  • The Invisible – Wings (Floating Points Remix)
  • Kiasmos – Orgoned
  • Osunlade – What Gets You High
  • Fertile Ground – Spirit World
  • Isaac Hayes – Fragile
  • Webster Wraight Ensemble – Nature And Light
  • Sun Doe feat.  Yonela Mnana – The Real Nitty Gritty
  • James Brandon Lewis Trio – Say What
  • Povo feat. Andy Bey – Celestial Blues
  • Thundercat – Inferno
  • Robert Glasper feat. Erykah Badu -Maiysha (So Long)
  • Stee Downes – Obviously (Lazy Version Instrument)
  • Roberta Flack – Trying Times
  • Ajoyo – Idanwo
  • Yussef Kamaal -Black Focus
  • Walter Wanderley – Capoeira
  • Les Gammas – La Vie Des Anges
  • Mala feat. Dreiser &Sexto – Como Como
  • Jessica Lauren Four – White Mountain
  • Makaya McCraven feat. Miguel Atwoo – Turtle Tricks
  • Omar Sosa – Light In The Sky
  • Lokkhiterra Meets Dele Sosimi – Cubafro
  • Agent K – Hands
  • Nicholas Payton – Fleur De Lis
  • Femi Temowo feat. Engines Orchestra – Abeg Jare
  • Intuit Andy Bey – Western Sunrise
  • Dj Kenzhero & Tha Muzik Feat. Melo B Jones – What Is Wrong With Groovin


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