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What you need to do when you are on holiday

18 Dec 2017 FAMILY

By Zuko Komisa

Everyone has been looking forward to this time of the year, the relief of yet another year off their back. It is a time to celebrate, let loose and relax. It is a worldwide holiday season and the big question is, what can you really do to maximise this short break away from reality?

Here’s a quick list of what to be do while away either alone, with friends or family this festive season.

When on holiday alone:

  • Call friends and ask to be included in whatever they’re doing. There’s always someone in your life who can’t wait to spend some quality time catching up with you. Remember that you are not alone in being alone during the holidays.
  • Plan an outing. – Go on a hike, or go to the movies, a park or a museum. Practice enjoying your own company. Enjoy the outing by yourself.
  • Pamper yourself. – There is nothing as exciting as a day at a beauty spa, get a massage or find some other special way to luxuriate. Find something you enjoy doing.
  • Do some introspecting – Pull out photo albums and read old letters. While this may be bittersweet, this time of the year is a perfect time to see if you are still on the right track.
  • Volunteering – During the holiday give your time at a mission or shelter for the homeless, it will help you feel connected. Helping those in need will help you appreciate what you have.
  • Get through the day – Read. Sleep. Rent a video. Do some spring cleaning, find things to do that you hardly have time to throughout the year.

When on holiday with Friends and Family:

  • Ease up on the drinking – There is a huge temptation to go overboard with liquor this time of the year. Avoid unnecessary hangovers, remember this is a time to recuperate, you don’t want to be more tired at the end of this holiday.
  • Build stronger relationships with your people – Travelling with family brings you closer as you share everlasting memories.
  • Take time to listen – You must use this time to hear how everyone is doing, and be prepared to hear unexpected answers.
  • Make Your Holiday educational – Take time to share lessons you have learnt with your siblings. This heightens the chance that you’ll remember more as you each take in different aspects. Share your learning!
  • Take it easy – Things WILL happen during your holiday that push your buttons. Avoid conflict as much as possible, remember that these are important in your life.
  • Take a lot of photos – Holidays with friends and family are one of the most important times to take photos, these are the moments you will cherish forever.

Be responsible these holidays and remember: A succesful break from reality is completely dependent upon you. Have as much fun as possble.