When travelling here are great activities you can do for free in any city

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Great activities you can do for free in any city

23 August 2018 TRAVEL

By Zuko Komisa

We’ve all found ourselves in a new city. A completely unexplored environment for various reasons, that has the potential to be our playground. It’s at this time we find ourselves asking, I wonder what I can do that doesn’t require me to spend any money. These are usually priceless experiences that leave you with a new found appreciation of, and learning something new about, where you are. The misconception that traveling and exploring a new city requires a massive budget needs to be debunked.

These are a few things you can do to explore a new city anywhere in the world. without spending a cent when you do it.
Spend some time with the locals.

Great activities you can do for free in any city, when traveling explore.

Can’t stress how important this is, every city has locals that enjoy speaking to people visiting the area, these are unofficial ambassadors of the city or town and happen to tell the best stories. Sitting down and having a conversation with one or two of them will give you a completely different perspective about where you are.
Go on a free walking tour

Great activities you can do for free in any city, when traveling explore.

Everywhere you go, especially in major cities, there are free walking tours offered by the locals, it’s all a matter of asking the right people or simply searching for them online. The cool thing about simply walking around and learning about places of historical significance is that it opens up your imagination. You will be walking with people that share their own stories about their experiences of the place and find yourself learning something new about this wonderful new place you find yourself in, and its all for free.


Consider house-sitting, this is when you look after someone’s house while they are away, you can even make some extra money while in a different city. This is usually a perfect option if you have a relative or a complete stranger in a different city. You don’t have to spend any money while house sitting, it’s a great spend-free holiday to have.
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Be a window shopper

Strolling through the local market looking at things people are selling is also a good past time to keep yourself busy with. Window shopping is great if you don’t get easily tempted to purchase, but also great for exploring the way of life of the locals.
Museums and Galleries

Great activities you can do for free in any city, when traveling explore.

Your curiosity needs to start being your friend, and the best places that are rich in history and art are museums and galleries. All major cities have these and they come with fascinating historical research and insight of that particular city. They are also a perfect place to meet new people from other cities who share your excitement about expanding their world through new experiences.
Go to the park or the beach

Great activities you can do for free in any city, when traveling explore.

Sometimes all you need in a new city or country is to just be alone in a serene environment for contemplation, introspection, and peace. It costs you nothing to go to the beach or a park with your favorite book. Many parks across the world have free wifi, where you can connect with people back home or for simply surfing the net.


Don’t let your budget let you down when traveling. Try the above next time you find yourself in a new city.

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