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What to consider before and after a job interview


By Motlagae Konyana

You are excited that you have been called for an interview at the company of your dreams, but you are anxious and need to prepare for the big meeting.  The job market is tough and very competitive.  Ensure that you have brushed up on your interview skills before the first meeting.

The interview is also an opportunity to find out more about your prospective employer, your potential opportunities for growth and the company culture. There are a few things to consider and research before you accept the job.



Reputation of a company is everything. Take note of how the organisation is viewed by others in the particular industry. Google the company to establish what type of reputation a business, look at their digital presence on social media.



How close is the company to your home or your children’s schools and how will the location affect you and your family? Extended travel to work or difficulty getting your children to and from school can affect your performance and productivity at work.  Consider the location of the organisation, the traffic and lunchtime activities – would you be able to run a quick errand or grab something to eat at the nearby mall? Another big consideration for a lot of people is the multi routes in and out of the building to get home.


Unprofessional behaviour

Observe the behaviour of the receptionist, how is the welcome, how do people conduct themselves when they are at the reception area? Just by observing the employees at the reception area you should be able to get the idea of what the values and ethics of the organisation.

If they are friendly and helpful it is likely that the rest of the organisation’s staff would display the same characteristics and these are the values that the organisation upholds.  Remember your own reputation is linked to your employers, by association, so make sure you consider whether you want to be associated with the brand.


Job satisfaction

It is all well and great to have a job at your dream company but are you satisfied with what you are doing?  Does it challenge you? Your job satisfaction could be influenced by how stimulating your daily tasks are. You will not enjoy your work if you are going to be bored of doing the same thing everyday.


High staff turnover

High staff turnover is a big red flag. This you may ask the HR manager during the interview try and research online. Make use of platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to see if you can identify why former employees have left and how long were they at the organisation.


Work ethic

Before you accept a job, try and find out how much overtime would be expected from you. If you have a family you may not be able to or be prepared to put in as much overtime as some of the others. This is important as it could make your life difficult and your employer might feel that you are not pulling your weight and not putting as much effort as the others.  Find out how family friendly the environment is – is the organisation prepared to meet you halfway?


Don’t be afraid to turn down a job that doesn’t meet your personal requirements. Rather up-skill yourself and try and find a job in which you can grow.

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