What every travel bag should have on you new adventures

What every travel bag should have

26 Feb 2018 TRAVEL

By Zuko Komisa

With all the traveling you’ve been planning for this year, packing the right things will make your trip even more enjoyable.

The right bag with the right things is all about being smart with what pack.

Light Travel Bag & Backpack

Every travel bag should pack

Depending on the length of the trip, you will need to have a flexible, light traveling bag. The bag needs to be light and should have enough room for your things. For solo trips, an ultra-light, rolling hard carry-on suitcase and a backpack are all you need to be well on your way to your sweet traveling adventure.


Every travel bag should pack

Your biggest priority is to keep your passport as safe as possible, avoid losing or damaging it during your travel. The idea is to keep a few certified copies of it on you, lock it away as soon as you arrive at your destination, make sure you don’t give it to anyone who is not a certified official.

Flip Flops

Every travel bag should pack

Whether you are going to the beach or globe-trotting, it helps to have comfortable flip flops as the water-resistant material helps when to wear then while showering to avoid getting weird infections in the hotel shower.

Every travel bag should pack

A basic toothbrush and your choice of products always come in handy especially if you have a preference or have allergies Pack as minimal as possible only things you will need.

Emergency Blanket

Every travel bag should pack

Keeping warm on a plane or when watching the stars during your travel is very important, and an emergency blanket is good for those occasional snuggles.

Basic First Aid Kit

Every travel bag should pack

Any trip can be unpredictable, packing a few bandages, headache pills for those unexpected hangovers is a useful travel packing trick.
Space for new purchases

Every travel bag should pack

Make sure you leave space in the travel bag for those impromptu purchases and gifts for your friend that you are likely to bring back home.



If you are an avid reader, a headlamp will allow you to enjoy your lastest read effortlessly with minimal disturbance to your fellow travelers.
Versatile Shoes

Every travel bag should pack

Pack two or three pairs of versatile shoes, make sure you have closed-toe shoes, one pair of waterproof, durable sneakers and another pair that is comfortable enough to use on long walks you’ll be taking while exploring your destination.


Fanny Pack

Every travel bag should pack

This is a popular favorite, especially for the travelers who like being organised. A fanny pack makes it easy for you carry all the things you need in one at all times.

Hopefully, this helps you pack everything you will need your next travels, and while your at it, remember to pack light and enjoy the ride.

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