Wear What you Like This Summer and Beyond in 3 Easy Steps

wear what you like,

How to wear what you like

16 Oct 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

The warmer seasons, more than the other two, lend themselves to wardrobe conflict. This is where what people want to wear and what they think they should wear is the most at odds. This isn’t even about trends or what’s currently fashionable, it’s worse than that. It’s all about bodies.

Our thoughts on bodies – which bodies deserve to been seen, what showing your body says about you – are internalised all through our lives and can be seen in how we dress and judging how others dress as well. It’s easy to assume that people wanting to wear what they want automatically means more revealing clothing but, for some, it can mean the opposite.

How do you go about starting to dress more as you want? Wear what you like in three easy steps:

Wear what you like by understanding that our body is inherently valued and “good”

As a culture, we’ve perpetuated the idea that the can be only one good body type at a time and this had gone on for centuries. The body types being put on the pedestal change over time but the toxicity remains. Believing that your body is a good body, or even feeling neutral about it, will be a step in the right direction towards feeling liberated enough in your body to dress it as you please.

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Wear what you like by finding your comfort level

When wondering how to wear what you like, understanding your comfort level is another way to start. I love a crop top! I can be found tying ordinary t-shirts to make them cropped. But there is a crop top I own that’s higher than I’m comfortable with, which takes a few styling tricks for me to feel good in. Knowing what makes you feel comfortable and staying true to that goes a long way to helping you wear exactly what you want.

wear what you like

Wear what you like by remembering what makes you feel good

The reason, after all, for styling clothes — wearing them in ways beyond just covering up for decency – is how they make us feel. The desire to wear more of what you want and more of what you like is solely about how the clothes will make you feel – whether navigating the world or lounging in private.

What clothes make you feel good? It’s like the poet Warsan Shire once wrote, “document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.”


Being aware of clothes, materials, cuts that make you feel good, puts you on the right path to finding out how to wear what you like.




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