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Vusi Thembekwayo hosts #InfluentialFridays on Kaya FM

19 Mar 2018 KAYA VOICES

Vusi Thembekwayo, venture capitalist, renowned global business speaker and author was our stand-in presenter on a well-received #InfluentialFridays show. The show covered a range of topics in a jam-packed three hours of inspiration and the sharing of valuable knowledge

The show travelled across the generational race transition in society, which Vusi explored  with his childhood friends Themba Mankazana & Zimkita Sidumo.

He also had Mike Fannin from Carrick Wealth who covered the psychology of wealth and an “all you need to know” about preserving it. He touched on the difference between being Rich vs Wealthy, how you know someone is wealthy, the keys to building wealth as well as income, consumption and wealth.

In the final hour, Vusi explored the love of cars, asking Afropolitans what they drive and what they hope it says about them.

Don’t miss #InfluentialFridays every Friday at 09:00 – 12:00, where quintessential Afropolitans take over Kaya FM.