Veteran thespian Patrick Shai visits #GoodFridayOnKaya

The Big Starter with Shane Ngwenya Presented by Shane Ngwenya


Veteran thespian Patrick Shai visits #GoodFridayOnKaya

13 July 2018 ARTS & CULTURE

By Shoeshoe Qhu and Dj Keyez

Good Friday with Skhumba and Ndumiso hosted veteran actor, Patrick Shai on Blom Blom to speak about his acting career and domestic violence initiative ‘Khuluma Ndoda’.

Ntate Patrick Shai shared stories about playing the infamous Nkosheng in the 1980’s Sepedi drama series ‘Bophelo ke Semphego’. He says he left the show because the producers were not paying what he needed to build a home for his family as he grew up in a two bedroom house.  Adding; “I am allergic to poverty”.

As a new actor in the 1970s, at the height of apartheid, Patrick says he overheard a white crew member shouting  “we need to crush the blacks and balance the whites”. He thought this meant a fight is about to happen and warned the crew member that he’ll be playing with fire if he started a fight right now. This is when the white crew member explained that he was using a technical term referring to balancing the light while shooting a scene.

stories about working in the apartheid error as well a personal story concerning domestic violence and how a character he played on Soul City made him realize he needs to change his ways.

Fun moments were also shared where Shai told Skhumba and Ndumisa that his lifetime crush is, Advocate Nakedi Ribane who played the character of Senthaolele Bophelo ke Semphekgo

LISTEN to full interview



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