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Unleashing Buhlebendalo Sis Getty Mda

5 Apr 2019 MUSIC

By Zuko Komisa

Buhlebendalo Mda, well-known for a powerful voice and her unique style, recently had a conversation with Bridget Masinga on The B-Side.

With her life-long dream always being to release a solo album, her story has come full circle and her journey has led her to chart her own wave. She re-introduced Sis Getty her alter ego, a name that emerged from her middle name Gertrude given to her by her grandmother.

“Gertrude is my middle name, there was a moment in high school where all the names had to come out, I was embarrassed throughout my matric year, this is when people started calling me Sis Getty.”

She said over the years her grandmother, who has appeared in her dreams and has been guiding her in her spiritual journey, made her gravitate to more to this new identity. She has since been embracing the name as it speaks to who she is. Commenting on the emergence in society of izangoma who are younger and the perception of it being fashionable these days, Buhlebendalo Mda sais the younger generation are the ones who can heal themselves.

“The reason our generation is exposed to healing is that we are a sick generation. In order to heal ourselves, we need people like us to heal us. I think abantu abadala and the universe at large is trying to make it easy for our generation to get healing. The only people who can heal us is ourselves.”

Buhlebendalo Mda describes herself or her music as Isigqi Sakwantu which is considered to be a mixture of all sorts of African sounds from which she has created her own style. To her, all genres do it for her, as they tend to match her every mood.

Buhlebendalo Mda is due to release her debut album as a solo artist in August 2019.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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