Understanding livestock wealth growth through a crowd-farming platform
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Understanding livestock wealth growth through a crowd-farming platform

27 Mar 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Imagine owning a profitable farm business and farm from the comfort of your home. The concept of crowd-farming is slowly gaining traction with many Afropolitans who wish to grow their wealth through innovative, yet traditional means.

Gugulethu Mfuphi recently spoke to serial entrepreneur Ntuthuko Shezi, who developed Livestock Wealth. An easy-to-understand crowd-farming platform which offers people with no access to land, time and skills the opportunity to own livestock within a professionally managed farming operation.

Ntuthuko Shezi speaks about the origin of this idea and how it started from a realization that livestock could take you out of poverty. He recalls how his family moved from abject poverty to being middle class in two generations through cattle farming.

“This was the family bank account, which is the krall, Livestock Wealth was really born from that. Not everyone is able to have land, time and skill to farm. So let’s create a platform for people to invest in cattle over a fixed period of time.”

The idea is changing the South African agricultural landscape, connecting investors looking to invest in cows with farmers looking for investment to grow their farms all in efforts to build generational wealth.

The frustration with many investors is that they have very little control on the direction of growth of the stock exchange. Shezi speaks about how the existance of this kind of investment matters:

“We spent the last 4 years trying to figure out what works, we knew people were bored with the stock exchange. A taxi driver will never touch the stock exchange, they want something they can touch and feel.”

Listen to the conversation here:

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