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African countries you must visit – #KayaIsAfrica

8 May 2018 TRAVEL

By: Natasha Archary



Kaya Travels has covered an extensive list of African destinations but there are still a few left unchecked. This Africa month we would like to share our dream list of African countries that are less ventured by tourists. We recommend these countries for their rich culture, heritage and deep socio-political scars. Countries and cities that have overcome the odds are that much more spectacular to us.



One of the smallest countries in Africa with the biggest heart. Malawi is known for being home to the kindest people, not the richest, but the kindest. Landlocked, one fifth of the country is taken up by Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa. Being a nation of fisherman, the lake is the only source for locals. The mountainous region makes for spectacular views and incredible sunsets. After visiting Malawi, you’re bound to leave a part of your heart in “The Warm Heart of Africa.”


Probably the biggest drawcard for the East African country is Mount Kilimanjaro. A bucket-list item on many international tourists’ must-dos, the summit to the top of Africa’s highest peak is worthy of a trip there alone. But there’s so much more to Tanzania. The cuisine is something to look forward to. Cruising the urban markets, you’ll be sure to discover new tastes like fried plantains and charcoal grilled fresh fish.


A country that prides itself in social etiquette, Tanzanians are accommodating and welcoming. Be sure to visit Dar-es-Salaam and try to attend some of the cultural festivals that take place in the city. The Waynyambo festival in particular, which takes place in January, will give you a sense of the local culture with music, dance and food.


Get lost in vast savannahs, snow-capped equatorial mountains, interspersed with magnificent wildlife. There are a number to regions worth visiting, with hiking trails for the more adventurous or relaxing safari tours for family fun. Try to visit during the wildlife migration at Masai Mara, which occurs between July and October each year. It’s a fascinating sight to behold and a truly Afropolitan experience. The herds of wildebeest gather in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti National Park in July and cross the Grumeti River, heading towards Maasai Mara between August to September. Children will love watching nature in all its glory.


If Malawi is “The Warm Heart of Africa” then Namibia is the soul. Contrasting landscapes that consists of mountains, deserts, ocean and dunes, the country is breathtaking. Boasting the largest game park in Africa, the Namib-Naukluft Park, the country is sparsely populated because of its enormous size. Budget for a hot air balloon safari over the satin sands of the Namib desert, it’s an experience like no other. One of the unexplored areas of Namibia is the Caprivi Strip, found in the north eastern pocket with a magnificent sea of red sand dunes.


Tombs and mummies aside, Egypt is one of the most over-looked African countries. It should be at the top of your list of places to visit before you die. It’s definitely on ours. Offering so much in diversity and rich in history the country has so many tourist worthy destinations. The austere pyramids, Pharaonic temples, marvelous sphinxes and the Nile. The saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile rings true, for without the longest river in the world, there would be no fertile land, no food and very little electricity. The river offers tourists a better way to explore the country, which is why the Nile cruise is the most popular tourist activity in the country.


There are so many more incredible African countries worth a mention but for now, this is the list we’re sending to the travel Gods.

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