Uncaptured family meeting: What's Your Get Rich Fast Fantasy?
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Uncaptured family meeting

Uncaptured family meeting asks: What’s your wildest get rich fast fantasy?


By Nomali Cele

One of the top headlines of this week has been the fact that there’s a global recession looming. In 2008, the global economy went into recession after the American housing market crashed, which spawned a global banking crisis, and many people have been on the back foot ever since. Just over a decade since that recession, there’s a new one brewing. Not only that, the national unemployment rate has just dipped ever so close to 30%.  This is the ugly picture.

On Uncaptured, our afternoon drive show hosted by Kgomotso Matsunyane and Ndumiso Ngcobo, one of the most popular features is the Family Meeting. The Uncaptured Family Meeting encourages Afropolitans to be their most human and honest: They get to phone in and tell the truth. Kicking the action off are always the hosts and the show contributors (Sandile van Heerden for Sport, Tunicia Juggels for news and Nosipho Radebe for Traffic). Either Matsuyane or Ngcobo (or Mapholoba as he’s usually called) sets up the topic and each person in the studio shares their experience. But with the Family Meeting, nobody wants the stories where you were on the receiving end; it’s easy to admit something happened to you but not always so when you are the one who did the thing.

On Wednesday’s Family Meeting this week, Kgomotso Matsunyane opened the conversation. “Most of us want more money than we have,” she said. To which the team agreed resoundingly. Matsunyane went on to talk about her new building acquisition and how she wanders the corridors wondering if there might be treasure buried somewhere. “Could there be gold bars?!” she said.


The rest of the team shared their own recurring fantasy about getting rich quickly. The Uncaptured family, as usual, was more than happy to join in and share their own fantasies. Two themes stood out: Most people are more than happy to dig their treasure and others, like Mapholoba, would like to come upon the finish line of a heist and be the ones to make off victorious.

As economic minds work to figure out how we can turn the situation around, this Uncaptured family meeting is one way we don’t lose hope in the meantime.


Listen as Afropolitans share their get rich fast fantasies:

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