Unathi shares a message to matriculants on overcoming failure
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Unathi shares a message to matriculants on overcoming failure

22 Feb 2021 LIFESTYLE

Kaya FM presenter Unathi recently sent out a heartfelt message to the Class of 2020, who receive their matric results this month after one of the most difficult years in the academic year.

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Her message of encouragement was for students to know that not receiving their desired results wasn’t the end of the road but should be seen should be seen as merely a chapter in their great book of life.

Unathi shared her story of having failed twice in her academic life, took us back to both instances.


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On repeating Grade 8


She recounted how she had to repeat Grade 8, and how this experience taught her one of her most important lessons.



 “Don’t give up on yourself. It’s okay; it really is okay. I had to learn I am just slower when it comes to academics, I had to learn I needed more time. In Grade 8, my father sent me back to the same school, and I wanted to leave that school. I said to him, ‘How could you punish me like that and send me back to the same school?’ He said to me, ‘My child if you start running now, you’ll never stop running.. He said he had to teach me to never run away from my failures, my challenges and my fears.”


Humiliated while repeating her 1styear.  


She also shares a story of a lecturer who made her stand in front of the whole class during her first year and used her as an example of what happens when students don’t apply themselves to their schoolwork.


She urged everyone to share her story with everyone who needs to hear it, especially those who have friends, siblings and relatives who didn’t get the results they were hoping for.

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