With new episodes out every second Thursday, Umoya is a podcast series that seeks to share the various modes and influences of spiritual practice in our lives and work. We want to understand how modern Africans are thinking about their sense of being and belong. Who are we? What makes us human? And to explore these questions within the realms of indigenous knowledge systems. Yintoni ubuNtu ngezintsuku? What is the role of love and spiritual identity in the aftermath of apartheid? While the conversations would encompass universal principles of spiritual practice, we are particularly interested in excavating the numinous values and practices of African Spirituality.

Introducing Umoya

How does the unseen legitimize our existence? Should our physicality be the baseline definition of who we are, or is there more to us, more to being Abantu/ Batho? Welcome to Umoya, that takes a 360 degree look at African Spirituality in the 21st Century. Umoya is hosted by  Athambile Masola and Milisuthando Bongela.

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Umoya: On African Spirituality Episode 5: The Art and Practice of Ukuzilanda – Fetching Oneself with Msaki

By  Athambile Masola & Milisuthando Bongela As a burgeoning spiritual practice and carrier of ancestral […]


Episode 1:  National healing with Ntate Mongane Wally Serote

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UMOYA: On National Healing

Episode 1: National healing with Ntate Mongane Wally Serote At a time when current affairs […]