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GALLERY: Kaya FM Rediscovers the beauty of the City of Durban – creating new memories

By Zuko Komisa  The Kaya FM crew spent the weekend in Durban exploring some of […]


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Climbing the Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社) , in Kyoto

By David O’Sullivan  The morning was spent at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is dedicated […]


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Traveling through Kyoto to Nagoya, the Springbok’s base

By David O’Sullivan  The KayaFM team refused to say “sayonara” to Tokyo because that’s got […]


International Tourism Film Festival – Africa, tourism film festival

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A Tourism Film Festival is coming to the Northern Cape

By Nomali Cele Video is considered one of the best ways to communicate destinations and […]


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A Guide to Tokyo, Japan

By: Ntombenhle Shezi It is this combination of traditional and futuristic elements that make a […]


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Exploring the cultural aspects of Japan in Meiji Shrine in Shibuya

By David O’Sullivan  For the Kaya FM team in Tokyo for the Rugby World Cup, […]


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Read up on our first #KayaBusinessTravel trip to Rwanda

By Zuko Komisa Kaya Business Travel in partnership with MaZo Connect Invited Entrepreneurs to Rwanda […]


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Kaya Business Travel – Rwanda Business Exploration

Kaya Business Travel in partnership with MaZo Connect is Inviting Entrepreneurs to Rwanda for a Business Exploration Trip!


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#YoungGiftedAndBlack Founder & MD Bheki Dube on running Curiocity Backpackers

By Zuko Komisa Founder & MD Bheki Dube was recently featured on Breakfast with David. […]


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David O’Sullivan in conversation with Hector Pieterson’s sister Antoinette Sithole

David O’Sullivan On Wednesday last week, in preparation for my breakfast show on Kaya FM […]


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Honest Travel Experience is re-introducing the inner-city experience

By Zuko Komisa There are winds of change happening at the Windybrow Arts Centre, we […]


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[BEST OF AFRICA] 10 amazing places to visit in Africa

By Motlagae Konyana The African continent has some of the best places that one can […]


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BEST OF AFRICA: Take a leap with the Best Bunjee Jumps in Africa

By Zuko Komisa Planning on an epic adventure around Africa? For those who wear the […]