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TIPS: How to stay motivated and love the gym this winter


By Motlagae Konyana

Winter is here and the temperatures are dropping. Your drive to go to the gym seems to be dropping with them. It’s easier to stay snug under the blankets than to brave the cold and go to gym. But exercising is still important, which is why we have put together some helpful tips to keep you moving through the cold months.

Get Active This Winter: Imagine yourself in that beautiful bikini. You know… The one you’re wearing while sipping on cocktails in Zanzibar, living your best life. While you have that picture in your mind remember that to get to that, you need to get through this.

Whether you enjoy running at the park or sweating it out at a yoga class, find an exercise that you enjoy to help you with get your summer body. Working out and being outside will be refreshing and will provide a great change of pace from cooping yourself up inside all the time. If you join a group, you’ll probably make friends who will help keep you motivated.

Make a commitment: Join a cycling class or schedule a hike, run, or tennis game with a friend who will hold you accountable. This helps as you associate the time your spending at the gym as a fun time, and hanging out with people you like while you get a workout.

Get A New Gear: Get new gym apparel – getting new running shoes, matching dri-fit tights and sweaters always does the trick to get you motivated for the workout. Indeed, this will help you look better while working out, but more importantly, it will provide you with the proper gym gear to face the cold and keep going.

Set Small Goals: Your long term goal could be your ideal summer body to fit in that great bikini or just to be healthy. It is a destination that can seem especially far away when you’re cold and unmotivated, which makes it critically important to set smaller milestones to keep yourself positive and on track.

Reward yourself: After your work out on cold winter mornings or afternoon, have a treat planned afterward (maybe not KFC or a McDonald’s burger). Reward yourself with an episode of your favorite TV show, a health soup or snuggle up with a book.


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