Timeless love may be lost on Gen-Z

Timeless love may be lost on Gen-Z

23 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


When did we lose the ability to love and be in love? Is it a practical notion to have one life partner? That soulmate you hear about, that you spend your life on a quest to find and be with for eternity?


We may not be able to pinpoint the exact moment that things began changing in the “game” of love. Being a race that is influenced largely by pop culture, one can gather the reason for the shift.


Movies, books, music, reality TV all create a warped ideal that the new generation aspire to achieve. It’s no longer the traditional family qualities that are being prioritised. Instead, we’re given role models who have multiple sexual partners and children are viewed as these accessories that we just have to have.

Timeless love is lost on Gen-Z

We’re on a quest to be faster, to have quicker results, to move on at the snap of a finger. We don’t resolve or want to work on things when a less than favourable situation arises. If there’s trouble in paradise, we bail.


No communication necessary because we ghost the living daylights out of the very person we were just in bed with. The one we were not so long ago, proclaiming our undying love and affection for. Why put in the effort when it’s all just a fickle game anyway? That’s the mindset of many millennials and Gen-Z’s.


Fast pace, too many options and unmet expectations

Social media was cited as the number one reason couples today split at the first smoke signal. In a recent survey, relationship expert Jay Shetty, through social experiments found that people are more likely to break up due to unmet expectations in relationships.


Although singles of all age groups and genders want to find that elusive, eternal partner, it’s proving more difficult in the new age dating arena. Social media has created this seemingly perfect existence with model couples apparently living their best lives.


So, we perceive that this must be what being in a relationship is all about. Being constantly swept off your feet and leading this jet-setting lifestyle, travelling the world and posting these Instagram-worthy, flawless snaps; always smiling and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Timeless Love

Unrealistic ideals that are knocking our chances of happiness

Anyone who has been in a relationship or has been married will attest to a real-life relationship being far from the filtered standard of happily ever after that floods our timelines. Whether you’ve been in love or it was a short-lived romance, there’s no way these Insta-worthy lovebirds are that happy 24/7, 365 days a year.


Do you know anyone who can achieve consistent glee and who is the lovey-dovey record keeper? No, because we’re human and we lose our cool and want our space and there will, at some point, be something we can’t stand about our partners.


It’s life, it’s not fairytale unbelievability people. And this is why Gen-Z and millennials may never experience the timeless love that Peabo Bryson, Boys II Men and so many other old school singers told us existed.


We want out because we have options

Loyalty is as rare as a blood diamond today. Conversations with young adults revolve around how the human species were never designated to spend a life with just one partner. We weren’t made to be monogamous, according to many Gen-Z’s.  That if were made to be monogamous, the ratio of men to women would be equal. Such logic.


Basically, we’re no longer searching for that one true eternal love anymore. We go in search of it more than once. Looking for that next level of perfect if our current partner falls short.


The new age world of dating is fickle, with vanity reigning supreme. It’s no longer soul-searching we’re on the prowl for but the next body to keep us company for a night.

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