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Things we loved about Camping RetrEATS weekend

31 Jan 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Motlagae Konyana

Why not explore the beauty of the great outdoors with your loved one by going on a romantic camping adventure? That’s what we were recently invited to do. There are lot of scenic parks in South Africa and cozy camping grounds to make for a magical weekend getaway set in nature. When an invitation to a magical camping weekend away by the dam in Haarties with Camping RetrEATS landed on our desks, we couldn’t say “YES” fast enough.


Here are six things that we loved about Camping RetrEATS.


Camping by the dam under the stars is absolutely romantic and it is a perfect way to spend time together, it also presented an opportunity to  interact with other like-minded people.


1.Comfort is King

Nothing is as romantic as cute snuggles with with your partner in a comfortable tent next to the river in Haarties. So bring a queen-sized sleeping bag, combine the small inflatable beds and make a big bed – this is great for snuggles. Bring an extra blanket or a scarf to keep you warm during the nights.

2. Board games under the stars

Friday nights at Camping RetrEATS are great for board games under the stars.  This is an incredible way to get to know the people next to your tent and make friends for the weekend – or even for life.

 3. When You Wish Upon A Star

It is said that stars bring you luck and when you wish upon one your dreams come true. Stargazing is extremely romantic and gives you a chance to dream. Kissing under the starlit sky with the moon in the background, how magnificent it is exchanging dreams night sky at the vast abyss that is our universe with your partner wrapped up in your arms.

4. RetrEATs

Food makes the camping trip, and camping RetrEATS is about food.  Having a private chef while you are camping is such a treat. All your meals are sorted and you don’t have to worry about what to eat all you need to do is have fun.  English breakfast while being serenaded by the birds and the moving water from the dam – what a romantic treat.

5. Get Moving

When you think camping retrEATs, it is really a grab a tent, some champagne and the love of your life and prepares yourselves for an incredibly unique and romantic camping getaway.

6. Boat Cruise and River Rafting

Saturday afternoons are for water adventures, each camping site has  its own unique water adventure.  It could be an evening boat cruise for 45 minutes cruising around and viewing the amazing buildings around.