The ultimate Christmas gift guide for her

Christmas gifts for her

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for her

27 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


In the male version of this article we went into elaborate detail about what terrible gift givers women can be. There’s no denying it, we do lack inspiration when it comes to important dates and gifts for the significant other.


Men, on the other hand, tend to be a little more creative and usually splurge on intimate and special gifts. Perhaps because the romance in a relationship often hinges on the gents, they have a little more practice ticking the boxes.


Lingerie, perfume and jewelry is nonetheless overdone and as much as we love receiving these, a little creative flair can take your romantic nature up a few bars in our books. This Christmas is all about the ultimate gift.


What your gift says about how you feel?

The personal touch with each gift ever received goes a long way. Women are generally more sentimental than men, and the little things mean so much to us.

  • Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, the more intricate the detail or significant the piece, the more priceless it is to us. A locket with our child’s photo, a bracelet or ring that’s engraved will hold a special place in our hearts for a long time.

  • Impersonal items

If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, the lady in your life will not appreciate a voucher to her favourite store. You should by now have a solid understanding of who she is and what she enjoys or loves and her preferences and tastes should be like second nature to you. It’s a requirement that you know her shoe size, perfume scent, dress size by heart.

  • Consulting her close friends or your female friends

Unless it’s an engagement ring you’re unsure about, consulting her friends when it comes to buying your partner a gift just spells “clueless”. It not only paints a sad picture of your relationship but it shows that you may not know your partner as well as they assume you do.


The ultimate gift for the ultimate woman

Knowing what makes your partner tick is the learning phase that is often considered fun and exciting. Whether they willingly divulge their passions, hobbies and interests or you have to torture it out of them, it says a lot if you remember their favourite colours, brands and which items are on their must-have lists no matter how quirky they seem to you.


For the working mom

You know she doesn’t have the time to spare on herself and she often neglects her tresses, nails and skin care routines, if it means you and the kids are taken care of. Which is why she’ll love:

Spa retreat gift

  • A spa retreat

There’s nothing that spells “he’s amazing” better than a spa day does for a woman who spends her entire day and most of the night giving herself to others. A relaxing day at a spa with a full body massage and facial will do wonders for her achy body and rejuvenate her. Chances are she’s never going to have the time, so it’s best you go ahead and book this without her knowledge and surprise her by driving her there on the day.

Ready meals

  • Sign up for the ready meal service

 You will be hailed her hero for months. That you were thoughtful enough to know how exhausted the mother of your kids is over the festive season and at the start of the new year will earn you an unlimited supply of brownie points and then some.

Salon makeover gift

  • Book her into her favourite salon for a makeover

If Princes were to exist outside of fairytales this is what they would do instead of scaling towers. There aren’t many women who would turn this down. A full day of makeup and a new hairdo? This is every woman’s dream.


For the mommy-juice lover

You watch her sipping on her glass of vino every evening when the kids are stressing her out or when she’s out to dinner with you. It relaxes her, she enjoys the calm it brings and her tastes are above the rest so:

Wine gift

  • Wine collection 

Get her wine collection started by purchasing some of the exclusive wines that every connoisseur should have.

  • Wine rack

Build her a wine rack for the kitchen. You know we love when you get handy around the house and making her something practical and thoughtful will make you her knight in shining armour.

  • Wine subscription

Sign her upto a local wine lover website that will deliver her favourite bottles to the doorstep every week. That she doesn’t have to leave the house to enjoy that glass at the end of the day is worth every cent you spend.


For the romantic at heart

You know she loves those soppy romantic clichés so don’t ignore her when she’s been sending you hints about her bestie’s husband who whisked her away for a week.

Romance her gift

  • Sweep her off her feet

 Women are suckers for this. The petals, the candles, the weekend getaways that you spring on us. We live for that thrill, so don’t ever stop sweeping her off her feet.

Beach escape

  • Plan a beach escape

She loves the kids, but she longs to be alone with you to reconnect. Arrange for the kids to spend the weekend with the grandparents and whisk little missy away for some sun, sand and vitamin sea. You don’t need to escape to the Seychelles if you can’t afford to, but make it as special as you can.

Dinner under stars gift

  • Dine her under a blanket of stars

 Men who take the time to pull off these movie scenarios are our favourite. You know she loves the quirky and feminine things in life and you’re macho enough to make it happen. You don’t even need to cook, just pick up her favourite meal from that Thai restaurant she loves and set up a table under a few hundred fairylights. She smiles and cries happy tears, you earn yourself the title of best partner in the world, for a night.


Intimate gifts have the potential of going horribly wrong, especially if you get the size wrong. You never want to pick something that’s bigger than your girl, so if you’re not sure, think off another gift.


Men come across as insensitive enough as it is, with bad communication and the often-misunderstood sense of humour (those fat behind jokes can only go so far guys), so you want to make sure your Christmas gift is anything but that.

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