The ultimate Christmas gift guide for guys

Christmas Gift Guide for him

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for men

19 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


Socks again? No. You think to yourself, this year you’ll be a bit more extravagant and vy for the blue tie you caught him grazing the last time you went shopping. What else do you get a man, your man, this Christmas?


Ladies have a bad reputation when it comes to gifts for their partners. We’re just not as gifted in that department, excuse the pun. Romantic gestures have never been something we needed to be on top off and isn’t it the guys who do the gifting?


Times have changed, and women need to step up the game a little too and put in a bit more effort when it comes to showing the men in our lives that they mean something to us. That they mean a lot more than a pair of socks.


What your gift says about how you feel?

Bad gifts for men

Before we go through the options, let’s run you through what your gift says about how you feel about your partner.

  • Badly wrapped

You didn’t see the need to put in the effort and have the gift professionally wrapped because he’s just going to rip it apart anyway, right? This shows that you don’t consider your partner important. Most stores offer free wrapping ladies, stop this laziness.

  • It’s the thought that counts

No one says you need to pull off a VBS heist in order to get your guy something special. The thought is what counts, but this shouldn’t mean the gift is meaningless. Guys love things that are unique and if you find what makes him tick, a hobby or comic hero he loves, you already have loads of options. So, make the thought count.

  • Last minute dot com

We all love shopping online but if your gift arrives later than the celebratory day, the meaning’s lost. If you’re shopping online, ensure the delivery date falls on or before the day he’s opening the gift.


The ultimate gift for the different “guy type”

Knowing the man in your life happens over time. You learn what he loves, which passions drive him, where he loves spending his free time and how. Use that as a guide to shopping for him this Christmas. We’ve done our best to make sure the gift guide is as inclusive as possible but remember that it’s just a guide.


For the coffee lover

Chances are you met over coffee, so you would have covered your unhealthy coffee addictions by now. A coffee connoisseur will appreciate one of the following gifts:


  • A coffee press

    Coffee lover gift idea Christmas

Filtered coffee in a coffee-maker is so last century. A coffee press is chic and leaves the kitchen feeling uncluttered.

  • A coffee grinder

Coffee grinder Christmas gift

If he doesn’t own one already, a coffee bean grinder is perfect. If it helps him get his morning java in with little hassle, why not? And getting him something he will use regularly means you’ll always be on his mind when it’s in use.

  • A pod/capsule all in one coffee machine

Coffee machine Christmas gift

 It’s a bit on the pricy side of the scale but that’s understandable when we have George Clooney endorsing the exclusivity of the premium coffee. This one should be reserved for the hubster ladies and not just a boyfriend.


For the whiskey lover

Yes, buying him a bottle of his favourite Irish whiskey may seem like the coolest Christmas gift idea but it’s not special enough. So, you remembered which brand of whiskey he drinks, you don’t get a medal for that. But if he’s a whiskey lover, you might want to consider:


  • A personalized whiskey decanter and whiskey glass set

Christmas gift him

Every whiskey lover needs a decanter to make him look and feel sophisticated when pouring himself a drink. Personalise the set by having it watermarked with his initials. This gift will take pride of place in his bar for sure.


  • A mixologist gift set

Christmas Gift Guide him

Perfect for the whiskey enthusiast and aspiring host. A good set should consist of the three essential bartending tools – 24 ounce shaker, strainer and jigger – all made of high-grade stainless steel so that it won’t rust or tarnish over time.


For the groomer

We love a man who takes care of himself and looks, smells and feels good. The lengths he goes to to ensure he looks good on your arm should not go unnoticed ladies. Get him a gift that will inspire him to keep it up:


  • Beard grooming set

A decent set of grooming tools or product kit will not come cheap. Old fashion razors are also a treat to the man who prides his beard grooming by himself. It’s a good investment with most grooming sets being a lifelong investment.


  • Hair grooming set

Christmas gift guide

If he’s got a head full of healthy hair, help him maintain that with a home grooming set. This will mean he can keep his mane in check and always have his game on point.


For the fitness addict

If he’s a regular at the gym, always living an active lifestyle and loves keeping those abs in peak form he’ll love these:


  • New running shoes

A runner will always need a pair of fresh trainers, whether for the gym or on race day itself. Set up an appointment for him at his favourite sneaker store and have his purchase arranged for your expense. It’s bound to earn you some brownie points.


  • A boxing glove/ training set

Christmas gifts for him

Complete with personalised gloves, jump rope, weighted straps, helmet and joint guards. The Rocky in your life will feel like a pro with his new gear and will have you to thank for that.


For the sports fanatic

Whether he’s a part of a team or just watches the games from the comfort of his couch, sports lovers will appreciate:


  • Personalised team memorabilia

Pay attention when he speaks about sports to help you make a special buy. His favourite soccer jersey could be personalised with his initials and surname and have his favourite player’s number included. A mug, USB, cellphone or tablet cover could also be designed and made especially for him.


  • Tickets to his team playing or autographs

No man will be ungrateful when you hand him double tickets to watch his team playing either locally or internationally. Alternatively, making arrangements to have jerseys, caps or balls autographed and then framed will be a sentimental gift of note.


We won’t allow socks or ties, not this year. No. This year, we pay attention to what makes the men in our lives tick and set the benchmark of appreciation for them.

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