#TheGramSham with Trevor Gumbi

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#TheGramSham with Trevor Gumbi

8 October 2018 #THEGRAMSHAM

Episode 1 – #TheGramSham with Trevor Gumbi

Exactly a week before Youth Day and a day after the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, Trevor Gumbi and Jo Lurie, were at the same event and had a conversation about the dreams being sold to people on Instagram about living “our best lives”. They spoke about the dangers of living our lives behind filters and what message it’s sending to people who are struggling, scrolling through perfectly curated timelines, feeling inadequate because they don’t measure up to dream lives that don’t even exist. This conversation played over and over in TV talk producer, Jo Lurie’s head for days after seeing Trevor. Three days later, #TheGramSham was born and Trevor Gumbi was one of its most honest contributors.