#TheGramSham with Roxy Burger and Rozanne McKenzie

Sunday Evergreens Soul & Jazz Presented by Collin Kgari


#TheGramSham with Roxy Burger and Rozanne McKenzie

8 January 2019 #THEGRAMSHAM

Episode 7 – #TheGramSham with Roxy Burger and Rozanne McKenzie

If you believe everything you saw on Instagram, motherhood is blissful, babies are angelic, and everything in the nursery is perfectly placed. Through #TheGramSham we heard the voices of Moms whose truth might not have set them free, but it did connect them to one another in a universal understanding that they aren’t alone in feeling like they’re failing in some way or another. In this episode, mommies drop the filters and tell their truths about their Insta-lies.

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