#TheGramSham with MaBlerh and Sjula Dlamini

#TheGramSham with MaBlerh and Sjula Dlamini

28 Dec 2018 #THEGRAMSHAM

Episode 6 – #TheGramSham with MaBlerh and Sjula Dlamini

Instagram is the 21st Century’s version of fairytales. But there are no princes and princesses and definitely no Emperors without designer clothes. It’s mostly drunk people playing dress up and high kids who would actually prefer to be anywhere but there. It’s depression and anxiety and being away from things that are more important. But when the cameras click, it’s all #Blessed and #WokeUpLikeThis. There’s so much fronting and stunting, people have lost touch with what’s real. MaBlerh has had a seat at the table from both sides of this industry and shares his views on this. And as the producer of some of the most celebrity studded shows in SA, Sjula Dlamini has seen it all and weighs in on the topic.

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