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The Dan Up Talks

10 Feb 2020 LIFESTYLE

Tune into the Best T in the City with T-Bose Mokwele, for a 12-part roundtable discussion that tackles a range of issues such as mental health, finances, masculinity, family and responsibility.

At the end of each show, there will be a call to action for men using the #YoureUp hashtag. This will speak to behaviour that men can immediately action or eliminate.

Over time, men will be given the tools, skills and resources to be better fathers, husbands, brothers or friends.

Every Monday, from 10 February 2020 between 09:00 – 12:00. Only on Kaya FM 95.9. #YoureUp.

The world is changing and with it, our ideas of what it is to be a man are being redefined.  And that’s why it’s time for a new generation of men to rise up and voice a fresh narrative on masculinity.

From mental health to financial well-being, DanUp Talks seeks to provide a platform where we discuss, heal, and progress in positive ways while also providing the right solutions and tools to evolve, be empowered, and finally break down old mindsets and internal conflicts surrounding how men view themselves within their communities, families, and the society at large.

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