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The best indoor plants and how to take care of them

25 Feb 2018 DESIGN

By Nomali Cele

Wouldn’t you Afropolitans agree that the recurring interior design theme for us so far in 2018 has been turning your space into the cosiest sanctuary? As hard as you work, it’s important that your personal space – your home – be a welcoming and relaxing place that fills you with relief the moment you step over the threshold each evening.

Turning your home into a sanctuary isn’t found only in how you design the interiors or the furniture you fill it with. It’s also in the activities your home was designed to accommodate. Having a space where you can meditate or stretch each morning, a cosy corner to read your favourite material or the perfect spot for sunny naps. Home is supposed to make you feel at ease.

Tending to plants is a relaxing activity that is great for decreasing stress. While others tend fully-fledged, outside gardens, an indoor jungle is possible and can add a new element to your interior design. The bonus is that it doesn’t require as much commitment such as hiring a landscaper to design your garden would.

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If you’ve thought about starting an indoor garden of sorts, these are the plants that are best suited to live indoors.



You’ve probably seen them on websites such as Instagram – looking a little lonely and parched but succulents are adaptable and they are the easiest indoor plants to maintain.



Looking to achieve that indoor jungle look quickly? Pothos is the indoor plants for you! They grow fast and show beautiful and varied leaves. While they like the sun, don’t put them in direct sunlight and water them every few days.



The aloe plant has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to its popularity as an ingredient in natural beauty products so you’ve probably heard the word “aloe” from your favourite beauty brand. But before it’s an anti-ageing, skin-healing ingredient in your favourite cream, it’s a plant first.

It’s one of the most popular houseplants because it adapts well. They just need to be put in the sunniest part of the room and watered once a week at most.

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Snake plants

Not only are snake plant interesting to look at, but they are also easy when it comes to maintenance as they don’t require too frequent watering.



The desert plants. Cacti are prickly like aloes and love the same direct sunshine but have different water needs. In the winters, you should water your cacti once a month at the most, in the summer, every two weeks does it.

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What you need to know to keep your indoor jungle thriving:

Don’t overwater them: Watering your plants too often will drown them and they’ll end up dying. If you’re unsure about the how often you should water your plant, ask the person selling it to you at the nursery because different plants have different needs.

Let the sunshine in: All plants need the sunshine. How much sunshine you give them will depend on the type of plant it is. Some plants require direct sunshine while others want the brightness without the rays hitting the leaves. Again, do your homework about the types of indoor plants you are hoping to buy.

Check the soil: Your plants will need potting soil as it helps with drainage, nutrients and keeping the plant their healthy best. Remember that they’re growing in a pot so they likely need extra help in terms


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