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Sorbet Manicure

The 411 on manicures – Get that feeling with Sorbet

7 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


There’s nothing, I repeat nothing, that makes a woman feel like a million bucks quite like a fresh manicure does. A new set of perfectly sculpted prettiness gives me a confidence that’s unmatched. Especially when work means talking with my hands.


In my special fantasy world, I get a manicure every week. My hands are never ashy, cuticles are neatly primped, and my nails are Instagram worthy all day, every day. Of course, in said fantasy world I also have a live-in nanny, a vault for my savings, a personal shopper and I’m happily married to Idris Elba (People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018)and expecting our third baby.


On a serious note, how often should one get a professional manicure? What’s the best option for you? How much would it cost you budget and time wise? And where can you get it done with complete peace of mind and comfort?


Get that Sorbet Feeling

If you’ve been following the Sorbet nail and beauty series, you would have an idea of the level of expertise I’ve come to expect with regards to grooming. It’s the difference between a manicure and nails that pull your outfit together.


At Sorbet Rosebank @The Zone, you have so many options to choose from and the qualified nail technicians will be able to advise you on each application and what that entails. Prices on generic manicures with or without paint are so reasonable and ranges from just R130.


Tips, Dips and all the Frills

Should your nails lack the ability to flourish naturally, like mine, then a complete set of tips is the way to go. Both acrylic and gel are the longest lasting of all the nail systems and both require fills and soak offs to maintain and remove respectively.


Sorbet uses Harmony acrylic and Biosculpture gel which is some of the highest quality products in the industry.

I’ve had both acrylic and gel done over tips and can I just say I cannot choose between the two. There isn’t a noticeable difference between each option and when done correctly they last for weeks. You’ll need a fill every two weeks. Your technician will advise that only two fills are recommended before a soak off is required. You will then be able to get a new set of tips done.


What will it set you back in time and money?

A lot of women opt against tips because they’re so time consuming to get done. They do take a good hour from application to finish. Perfection takes time and the buffing and application of each layer of product requires times to cure under the gel/UV lamp.

The full set of tips range in price from R450. It depends on the finish you prefer, either natural, colour or French or with a Gelish polish.


To avoid long waits, book your appointment well in advance. This will mean a therapist is on hand and reserved for your manicure.


Nails of all shapes, sizes and styles

This is entirely your preference and you can speak to your nail technician about designs. Length and shape depend on what you’re comfortable with or a look you’re going for. The “in” styles at the moment are coffin and stiletto shaped.


I prefer square tips as they’re a more natural feel. The shape is also easier to manage with me attacking my keyboard all day. Speak to your technician to find a style and shape that would work best with your daily routine.


What I will say is that regardless of what you choose, your nails are going to look amazing and you’ll receive compliments on them all the time.


We love Sorbet Rosebank @The Zone for the length they go to ensure that you’re a satisfied and happy client.

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