Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele Presents: T’s Touch of Soul Volume 5

Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele Presents: T’s Touch of Soul Volume 5



After years of bringing us his selection of specially curated classics through his T’s Touch of Soul compilations, Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele takes it back to the glorious days with his latest offering. If nothing else, T’s Touch of Soul Volume 5 proves that great soul never goes out of style,  and it’s never too late to make an impact on the world through song.

With digital sales eclipsing CDs and musicians making moves towards taking full ownership of their own catalogues – Mokwele is aptly dubbing this—“The last CD on earth”.  However,  the popularity of  his #TouchofSoul show, both on and off air,  proves that the music continues to live on different platforms, encouraging music compilers and DJ’s alike to dig deeper into their archives and explore music store catalogues to bring out great songs to play at events and playlist on the radio.

The fifth and final installment from Mokwele’s Touch of Soul Volume 5, promises listeners an unforgettable audio journey. From Anita Pointer’s sublime voice  to Bill Withers’ soul-steeped sound, the 14-track compilation has something for everyone.

This series was conceptualized to share with the world those overlooked gems. The songs that are better, lyrically and musically, than most of the popular ones from the particular records and artists”, explains Mokwele. In this compilation Mokwele also pays tribute to his peers who have played a big role in  expanding and challenging his ear musically.

“From Volume 1 to this one, I have pushed for the incomparable and exceptional songs for you to collect and enjoy. I hope and trust that this instalment will also add to the expansion of your musical horizon and deepen your appreciation of good music”.

T’s Touch of Soul Volume 5 is available in all Musica stores, as well as on