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Ten things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life

20 Jun 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


You ever feel like adulting is just one big joke set by the universe to make us look like we’re just winging things? Who has it all figure out? The juggling act of financial stability and family responsibility. Fitting the pieces so we can maintain healthy relationships, while staying hydrated and eating the required daily amount of good fibre and complex carbs.


And then there’s the routine monotony that comes with the day to day, hour by hour, let’s tick this off the to-do list, lists that run our seconds, hours, minutes. You get the idea. What if I told you that you’ve been doing things wrong your whole life? Sit back and wait for it because we’re about to blow your mind with these everyday hacks that prove human beings still have a long way to go before we evolve into a higher form than present.


10. Cutting a cake

Image: www.shemazing.net

Oh, you’ve cut your fair share of cakes your entire life but this doesn’t mean you’ve mastered the art that is cake distribution. This is perfect for when you have guests who didn’t bother to RSVP but need to be accounted for or you look like a monster host. Scrap the traditional messy triangular slice for this method courtesy of www.shemazing.net


9. Citrus fruit unravelling

Image: Laura Murray/Thrillist

It is citrus fruit season and you should be overloading on your Vitamin C from fresh oranges, grapefruit and lemons. The most common reason for many people not making the most of seasonal fruit is that it can be a pain to prep. Not anymore. With three simple slices of the fruit, you’re moments away from perfect segments of citrus-y goodness with minimal stickiness.

Simply slice the top and bottom of the fruit and make a lateral cut on one side of the fruit. You may know flatten the fruit, unravelling chef worthy segments that are still intact.

Head to www.thrillist.com to check out the video for a step by step guide.


8. The perfect cup of tea

Image: Sian Butcher/Buzzfeed

If you think that squashing the teabag against the side of a cup with the back of the teaspoon is going to give you a stronger brew, think again. This actually releases more tannins and will leave your hot beverage bitter.

Thank https://www.buzzfeed.com for your next cup.


7. Holding your wine glass

Image: www.my.wine-now.asia

If you’ve attended one of the Kaya Wine & Malt events, you’d be pretty versatile with the finesse needed to enjoy the tastings and follow proper etiquette. But if you’re a fairly new connoisseur, picking up on the correct way to hold a wine glass can help make your wine loving a far better experience.

This illustration from https://my.wine-now.asia helps paint a clearer picture.


6. Pots and spoon rests

Image: https://imgur.com

You probably didn’t realise it but your pots actually come with built-in spoon rests. The lid handles or grasp handles double as convenient slots to place your spoons while cooking.

Take that Gordon Ramsay.

Find more life-saving ah-ha moments here: https://www.buzzfeed.com


5. Reheating leftovers in a microwave

Image: Omgpolly/Reddit borabora101973/Instagram

Avoid cold spots in your food forever. Mindblown.

Thanks to: https://brightside.me

4. Earphones wrap ‘em

Image: www.lifehacker.com

It may sound like (excuse the pun) the best way to get your ear phones secured is to stick them into your ears. How often do you have to re-insert them? You’ve actually been using them incorrectly all this time and you should wrap them around your ear as per the instructions on www.lifehacker.com


3. Your coffee on the go comes with a coaster attached

Use the lid of your takeaway coffee as a coaster. Thank us later.


2. Chinese takeout boxes

With the average South African forking out thousands a month towards takeout meals, there must have been a point where you too ate your Chinese egg fried rice straight out of the box. Did you know these clever vessels are actually meant to be opened out and serve as a disposable plate?

Find more food hacks here: https://www.foodnetwork.ca

1. Toothpaste

Image: Pinterest

It’s usually the last thing you remember at the shops and often is excluded off our shopping lists. But if you’ve ever tried to get the last bit of toothpaste out the tube with your hands you’d know how frustrating it can be.

Thankfully this little nugget of golden information has been shared and by using a hair pin you’re able to get the absolute last drop.

Head here for more: https://worldinsidepictures.com


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