Technologies of the future that are a lot closer than you think
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Technologies of the future

Technologies of the future that are a lot closer than you think

29 Aug 2018 TECH

By Zuko Komisa

Technology has drastically evolved that everyday new technology is being developed and shared with the world. The world as we know it has been filled with advancement we never thought would be possible. We see these technologies in sci-fi films and they all appear to be in a distant future but already exist.
The following are technologies that seem like they are for the future but are closer than we think.

Uploading your consciousness on an artificial clone of yourself

Technologies of the future

Though this has been dubbed immoral by many, there are already companies that specialise in cloning your cells and allowing you to upload your consciousness. Retaining your memories and making you immortal. They even allow you, at the right price, to do a head transplant where you can assume a different body.


Artificial surgeries

Technologies of the future

Today you are seeing, in drama series like Grey’s Anatomy, doctors experimenting with hi-tech equipment allowing them to perform complex surgeries without using their hands. Every year, there are new inventions, in the near future machines will be operating on humans like surgeons, replacing doctors in the process.

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Flying cars

Technologies of the future

Drone technology is advancing by the day, there are prototypes that we are constantly seeing on social media of flying cars all the time. It is no secret that very soon we will all be applying for flying car licenses. This is inevitable and will be a norm sooner than we imagine.

Viagra For Women

Technologies of the future

There is already a pill specifically designed for women, that produces the same result of arousal as the male version created. The drug is called flibanserin and its function is to increase female sexual desire.

Brain Chips

Technologies of the future

With many people paralysed across the world, in the near future you will be able to able to connect a brain chip to the part of your body that doesn’t function. Scientists have developed technology that enables translates the brain’s activity to something a computer can understand. There are already supercomputers that can do this effortlessly, but the technology is only available to a select few.


Floating food farms

Technologies of the future

With a predicted rise in population across the world, there are already food scientist experimenting with floating farms. Through a prototype that already exists, it’s predicted that a Smart Floating Farm measuring 350 x 200m would produce an estimated 8.1 tonnes of vegetables and 1.7 tonnes of fish a year.

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The only problem or resistance with most of these exciting inventions being the norm is the relegation of responsibility to technology and who will be held liable if a life-threatening error occurs. Today millions of people have smartphones with the internet, along with the addiction it comes with; this was unimaginable 20 years ago.