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SAPS Facebook amber alert

no responses. 17/02/2020 Nomali

Facebook missing child amber alert comes to South Africa

By Nomali Cele On 30 January 2020, Facebook and the South African Police Service (SAPS) […]


no responses. 05/10/2019 Trinisha

Download the Kaya App Download the #KayaApp now and catch up on all your favourite shows. Competition Rules • [...]


Spring Clean Your Gadgets, digital detox,

no responses. 10/09/2019 Nomali

Spring Clean Your Gadgets

By Nomali Cele September brings with it the desire for newness. Most people will then […]


namola, what is namola app,

no responses. 09/09/2019 Nomali

What is Namola? The App Says You Will Get Help Fast

By Nomali Cele Given the renewed conversation around femicide, gender-based violence and cases of girls […]


no responses. 07/08/2019 Zuko

Arthur Goldstuck on the challenges facing 5G’s rollout in South Africa

By Zuko Komisa There is a major race happening between the USA and China who […]


no responses. 18/06/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Facebook announces its cryptocurrency Libra

By Motlagae Konyana Facebook’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency could change the game for […]


no responses. 20/05/2019 Motlagae Konyana

Google revokes Android access from Huawei

By Motlagae Konyana Huawei has lost access to Google’s software Android. Google suspended business with […]


south african digital users, how south africans spend their digital time, south africa digital usage,

no responses. 07/02/2019 Nomali

How South African digital users behave online

By Nomali Cele We are Social, in collaboration with Hootsuite, have released the 2018 state […]


fake news, dwwp fake news, deep fake, fake news in south africa,

no responses. 30/01/2019 Nomali

Fake news: Seeing is believing, or not

By Tunicia Phillips There’s a new trendy hashtag on twitter and it’s flipping the lid […]


Icasa regulation, data must fall ruling, stale data icasa

no responses. 19/11/2018 Nomali

Icasa regulation a “Data must fall” win for the consumer

By Nomali Cele “Data Must Fall” is a phrase that has been on most South […]