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Take your tastebuds on an exotic culinary experience

24 Oct 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


The diversity in the UCOOK range is extraordinary. Gone are the days of simple suppers with minimal flavours. Instead you can take your tastebuds on an exotic culinary experience from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Fusion flavours are the focus of this dish with an oriental-meets-Africa twist, combining sustainably sourced anglefish and a little chilli infused kick. The healthy angelfish and barley bowl is a fresh burst of Asian ingredients that will have your mind firmly fixed on the Orient.



Healthy Asian food is not easy to come by. Food documentaries have over the years exposed how much unhealthy trans fat and sugar goes into traditional Asian dishes.


Takeouts from a really popular Chinese or Thai restaurant in Johannesburg can set you back on average R129 for a single portion. Unless you’re dining out, you are resigned to a soggy box of noodles and greasy takeout that doesn’t really pack a punch on the palette.


The UCOOK difference

Delicate angelfish that is gently seared to golden-hued perfection on a bed of lightly seasoned barley with crisp garden peas and fresh broccoli. Sounds like a mouthful but it’s super easy to whip up.


Angelfish Barley Bowl UCOOK

The meal comes together in 35 minutes. That’s almost as long as it would take you to place your order online and wait on the delivery. It’s just a matter of boiling the barley, quick steam of the peas and broccoli minutes before the fish is pan-seared. Then a flurry of mixing a dressing together with the soy sauce, lemon, chilli and spring onion and that’s about it.


The cooked barley gets tossed in the soy dressing, the fish lightly seasoned with the Asian herb rub and seared for two minutes a side and dinner’s done. Blink and you’ll miss it, that’s how insanely convenient this meal is.


Cost effective

How does the UCOOK meal compare in terms of cost against an online premium food store?


If you were to pick up the ingredients for this dish on your own it would set you back an additional R185,90. The UCOOK version comes in at R210 for two people.


Ingredients from online store cost: R395.90

Pearl barley – R23.99

Angelfish fillet – R129.99/kg

Peas – R22.99

Lemon – R21.99

Soy Sauce – R78.99

Spring onion – R10.99

Sesame seeds – R36.99

Broccoli florets – R39.99

Chili – R9.99

Herb spice Asian rub – R19.99


Be sure to check back in for reviews of more dishes from the UCOOK menu in the following weeks.


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