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Style and grooming tips from DJ Black Coffee

1 Nov 2017 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

Apart from his talent and work ethic and being the quintessential Afropolitan, I think we can all agree that DJ Black Coffee (Nkosinathi Maphumulo) is also one stylish man. Whether in a tailored suit or in a casual look for a day with his children, there’s always a certain substance in how the multi-award-winning DJ carries himself.

On 27 October, DJ Black Coffee and Axe gathered members of the media to unveil the latest phase of their collaboration, which previously included a DJing competition that culminated in a sojourn to the world’s party capital, Ibiza, for the winner. The latest phase of DJ Black Coffee’s collaboration with Axe is a limited edition body spray, Black by Black Coffee, bearing his face.

During the launch, DJ Black Coffee spoke passionately about young people, fame and paying everything forward. But something else he’s passionate about came up. He shared his support of personal image as a way to equip young men to take charge of their dreams.

The collaboration is all about helping people find their magic. Ever wondered how DJ Black Coffee finds his style magic? Read on.

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“I need to know what I’m wearing,” he told us. Even just having an idea of the clothes which he’ll use to create the next day’s look. Doing inventory, whether physically or mentally of the clean and appropriate clothes you currently have at your disposal takes the rush out of getting ready in the morning.


Dress the Part

“I always make sure I respect the room,” DJ Black Coffee said of how he chooses to style himself for different occasions. This doesn’t just mean a suit or tie – most occasions don’t call for ties. This simply means that when the other person sees you, they will see that you made an effort.

“Respecting the room” can mean something as simple as making sure that your clothes aren’t creased and that you sew that button that fell out back on. Travelling a long distance? Don’t wear your jacket during the commute to avoid it creasing as well.

Because he always makes an effort, Dj Black Coffee said he expects people he meets with to show up dressed like they mean it.

dj black coffee, dj black coffee style

Looking effortlessness is hard work


DJ Black Coffee always looks effortless but during his Axe launch, he revealed that there’s a lot of effort that goes into the “effortless” look. A part of appearing effortless is not taking yourself too seriously. DJ Clack Coffee considers himself Nkosinathi Maphumulo first, which ups his rating on the “doesn’t take himself seriously” scale.


On Grooming

When he was younger, DJ Black Coffee milked and herded cows so for her long time he says “I smelled of cow’s milk and dung.” So when he was able to afford grooming products, body spray was his first stop. He believes he still sometimes overdoes the body spray/scent part of his grooming even to this day.

His advice for a young man first discovering body sprays is simple: body spray is for the body.

dj black coffee, dj black coffee style

“Don’t spray it on your clothes,” he warned. After washing up and moisturising, let your body spray be the first thing you wear. “Spray it on your body and give it a chance to dry,” then continue getting dressed.

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