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Strange jobs you haven’t thought about that pay exceptionally well

8 Aug 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

So you’ve decided there has to be more than this job that you are currently doing and are asking yourself what place do people go to that requires unique skills, but pays ridiculously well. Very few people realise how lucritive the careers on this article are and are ignoring them for flashier, less paying careers. Little do they know that this could be the career that gets them that dream life they keep seeing on instagram.

The following are unique careers that pay ridiculously well that many haven’t really thought about, at least ones that are legal in most countries:

Prosthetist/ Orthotist

A prosthetist is a person that designs and fits people with artificial limbs and orthotic design, assembles braces that support recovery after surgery as well as makes corrective shoes. This skill is highly specialised and requires and very financially rewarding..

Horse Trainers.

A horse is one of the most underrated, yet lucrative, animals, especially for city-dwellers who only hear about horses during Durban July or when on holiday. Well, horse trainers are well-paid as they get a racing horse ready for money-making races.


Submarine Chef

Apart from being a specialised job, this is one job where you have to feed  an entire crew of navy seal soldiers for months on end. With the time away from your loved ones comes an impressive paycheque.

Wine steward / Sommeliers

These guys are expert wine enthusiasts that are professionally trained, normally working in fine restaurants. Sommeliers are knowledgeble and specialise in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. They make serious money.


Inspectors (Health/Safety/Elevator)

These guys are always making sure your food is prepared in clean kitchens and big buildings are safe for inhabitation. Inspectors have the important task of seeing a problem before it happens and making sure it’s prevented from getting out of hand.


Soil Conservationist

Food is one of the most precious commodities in the world, with over seven billion customers needing three meals a day, the need to make the soil last longest comes with an exciting bank balance.


Aircraft repossessors

Perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs to do, these guys go to foreign countries to take back aircraft that are not fully paid up, they risk being arrested and tortured in foreign prisons with th e hope of making up to 10% of the resale price of the aircraft they successfully repossess.


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