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Standard Bank continues to back South African artists


By Mohau Bosiu

On this week’s episode of what is wrong with groovin’? we profile an exemplary figure for the next generation of our distinctive jazz tradition. This is the brilliant Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz, saxophonist and composer Sisonke Xonti. This episode will focus on the broader subject of migration, a reflection of Sisonke’s album uGaba The Migration.

Urban-rural migration has been one of the critical signifiers of South Africa’s glaring inequality. It is a story of fractured households, absent fathers, of strife, of loss, but equally a story of ingenuity, a confluence of cultures, and a melting pot for our diverse languages and oral traditions. The dichotomy of this strife and creation will find expression in this week’s episode through music, narration, poetry and drama.

What we aim to do through this show is to use the extraordinary brevity of art to hold up our imperfections, with the aim of helping us hold up the mirror, to look into ourselves and seek to recreate our lives anew. To reimagine our life through music. For music is our stairwell to the stars. It brings out the best in us.

In his latest album, uGaba The Migration, Sisonke ignites a feeling of ‘newness,’ something so distinctly fresh and soothing. This newness and freshness is what we will offer Afropolitans in this episode of What is Wrong With Groovin’? as we travel across the country and the world, through music.

This episode will be powered by Standard Bank, helping us tell Stories Reimagined through music, because whatever your dream is, It Can Be with Standard Bank.

What is Wrong With Groovin’? is an audio-documentary show narrated by Lebohang Masango. The show is written and directed by Mohau Bosiu and Kagiso Mnisi, with music curated by DJ Kenzhero and Tha_Muzik.

Standard Bank’s unwavering commitment to South African arts took a different shape in 2020 as the pandemic forced them to rethink their approach. From the Virtual National Arts Festival, to the remote Standard Bank Jazz Festival, they wanted artists to still believe that It Can Be. One musician who exemplified this attitude is Sisonke Xonti, 2020’s Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz.

At a time when musicians were postponing projects, Sisonke pushed through to complete his emotive new album, uGaba The Migration. And now, Standard Bank is lending their creative platforms to the jazz performer, as he prepares to share his stories with the world.

Throughout the most difficult periods in history, it is art and music that have kept South Africans resilient. By supporting Sisonke, Standard Bank will keep that long-running tradition alive in 2020.