Spring Walkathon Checklist: What to Prepare Beforehand

Spring walkathon,

Spring walkathon checklist

17 Sep 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

The weather has gotten so much better in the few weeks spring has been here. The birds are singing louder, the jacarandas are as bright as ever and the sun rises earlier just to set a little later. The good weather and longer-lasting light is a rallying call to be out more and more. Notwithstanding the current climate.

And to welcome all this good weather, we have two walks coming up in a few weeks. The second annual Kaya Legacy Walk and the Justine Ithemba Walkathon, which are both for great causes. The Legacy Walk has space for both runners and walkers and we know most families will be walking the route in order to keep the same pace and spend the route together.

Here we share what you should pack for the spring walkathon of your choice!


Walking shoes

The Kaya Legacy Walk route is 6.7KM and the Ithemba Walkathon has 5KM and 8KM routes. Imagine walking these distances in uncomfortable shoes? As you prepare for the spring walkathon of your choice, make sure that the shoes you’ll be wearing are suitable.

If you already have running shoes, put them on to see if they still fit as you remember. Support is an important part of walking and if your shoes are too tight or too worn, the support can be compromised. IF you are planning of buying shoes, make sure to get them early so you can do your training in them. Nothing like too-new shoes to compromise all your spring walkathon plans.


You’ll be in the sun for the duration of the race, which makes SPF protection a non-negotiable. Not only will you exposed to the dangerous sunrays but there’s high possibility of sunburn. Make sure every member of your walking crew is wearing sunscreen and have a tube handy.

The beliefs are false, people of darker tones (black people and people of colour) also need to wear sunscreen!



Caps are a great way to get portable sun protection. Wearing one will work together with your sunscreen to keep you protected throughout the race. Hats are especially important if you’re bringing along children for the walkathon.


Your walking pack

These differ from race to race and year to year but the thing that stays the same is that your race pack will contain your t-shirt and number. These are items are how you will be granted access to your spring walkathon so forgetting to bring yours will be a waste of time. Some walking packs also have extras that include (but are not limited to) energy bars, energy drinks, water, toiletry items relevant to walking and more.


Snacks and water

You have to keep your energy up. Along with eating a good breakfast, snacks are an important consideration for walkathons. Some experts advise against carbo-loading, which is the act of eating carbohydrate-heavy food that long distance runners rely on to release energy throughout the day. For distances between 5 and 10KM, a filling breakfast (think oats, fruits and a protein) is enough.

If you are walking as a family, pack water, energy bars and maybe fruit like bananas, that way you have something for everyone from the littlest member of the team to older members who may have low blood sugar problems.

Register for the Kaya Legacy Walk here and register for Ithemba Walkathon here.

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