Spring Clean Your Gadgets Today With These Easy Tips

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Spring Clean Your Gadgets

10 Sep 2019 TECH

By Nomali Cele

September brings with it the desire for newness. Most people will then clean up the messes they spent the previous eight months of the year making. From doing a big clean in the house to rekindling or cutting off relationships. With all this spring cleaning energy in the air, the one thing that might be neglected are gadgets. This is the year you should spring clean your gadgets.


Spring Clean Your Gadgets Step 1: Delete your cache

When your device is being sluggish and slow, one of the first suggestions is that you clear your cache. Caching, which happens across devices (phones, tablets and computers) is when your


Spring Clean Your Gadgets Step 2: Delete apps you haven’t used in three months

Most of us are guilty of hoarding apps on our devices so you are not the only one! The one way to know the extent of your own useless hoarding activities is when your phone starts running out of storage. When you try to free up space, your operating system will show you all the apps you have installed and the last time you used them. Yes, in January you installed that crossword app and the fitness app because exercising your body and mind were part of your new years’ resolutions. But it’s September now and you haven’t opened either app since March. It’s time to move on.


Spring Clean Your Gadgets Step 3: Organise your media

A lot can happen in eight months. Imagine the pictures, videos, screenshots and memes you have accumulated since the year began! Take the time to go through your media on all your devices and delete all the pictures, videos and music you don’t need.


Even those pictures and videos from special occasions deserve a second look, go through the various digital albums you’ve collected and delete what you won’t use and watch the digital memories from your big day shrink down significantly. The better digital cleaning tip where media is concerned is definitely to delete pictures and videos you don’t like as you go.


Spring Clean Your Gadgets Step 4: Have a digital detox

How much mental space does your digital activity take up? Not only that, how much good will spring cleaning your gadgets combined with a digital detox lead to? If you time your gadget cleanup to coincide with a digital detox, you’ll be able to get rid of even those apps you use frequently. Even if it’s only for a short time.

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