Sound Supreme on Kaya FM Relaunch Introduces Louie Vega

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Sound Supreme on Kaya FM relaunches


By Nomali Cele 

Sound Supreme on Kaya FM has gone through a relaunch as, over a year in, the station adds world renown producer and DJ, Louie Vega to the show’s lineup. Built as more than just a music show — an experience if you will — Sound Supreme as steadily bee changing the sound of Saturdays. Sound Supreme has been the assertion that a love of good music has no age limit but being the club does.

As the station relaunched the Sound Supreme platform, Mr Greg Maloka, Kaya FM MD, emphasised that now more than ever, Sound Supreme continues to be an experience that transcends music. Or even the 2 – 6 PM Saturday slot.  Sound Supreme on Kaya is, perhaps, what a life well-lived might sound like. Eclectic, worldly and curious.

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Sound Supreme on Kaya FM

Mr Maloka also too the relaunch even for Sound Supreme on Kaya as an opportunity to reassure the fans of The Rhythm Sessions that the duo will still be on the airwaves. Starting on 6 October, TRS, as they are known, will take the 9 – 10 PM slot every Saturday to dispense the house music they’re beloved for. Known for mixing classic beats, their own original music and more, The Rhythm Sessions will delve deeper into what makes them tick musically. House of Love will join a long-standing lineup of great dance music that takes over Kaya FM every Saturday night.

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Returning to the subject the new Sound Supreme on Kaya FM addition, Mr Maloka said, ” Louie Vega’s unique taste as one of the world’s top ten music deejays will bring a timeless ambience to Sound Supreme.”  He continued, “We are confident that this will definitely appeal to our Afropolitans who are global citizens and have an affinity for authentic, highly specialised and carefully curated music.”

Don’t miss the revamped Sound Supreme on Kaya FM every Saturday from 2 – 6 PM. The only change is the addition of Louie Vega, everyone else remains in their timeslots.

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