Snacks to Eat When Studying: 5 Brain Boosters For Your Child

Snacks to eat when studying

5 snacks that boost brain power while you study

3 Oct 2018 EDUCATION

By Nomali Cele

When studying, your child needs all the energy they can get. One way the human body unlocks energy is through food, which at its most basic is fuel. But there are different types of food out there and they all offer different kinds of fuel. The energy one gets from a fast food meal is not the same as the energy from a low GI meal or snack.

Low GI denotes food that has a low glycemic index – this food is still carbohydrates, but the way it’s fomulated means a slower release of energy. This slower release affects your blood sugar; because it’s releasing slower, there isn’t a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. The energy is also sustained for longer periods.

5 snacks to eat when studying

Snacks to eat when studying: Nuts

This can be an assorted mix or one group, but nuts are one of the grains that are great brain food. The best nuts to eat while you study are almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachio and pecans.

Snacks to eat when studying
Snacks to eat when studying: Carrots

When making a list of snacks to eat when studying, there will always be something crunchy as it gives the fact-aggled brain something else to focus on for a bit, think crunchy green apples as well. Carrots make a good option for snacks to eat when you’re studying because they have fibre, calcium and other good nutrients.

Snacks to eat when studying: Berries

Berries such as blueberries and strawberries are always a fun snack. But research at an American University showed that blueberries, in particular, are great for short-term memory.

Snacks to eat when studying: Peanutbutter

Peanutbutter is one of the best snacks to eat while you’re studying. Not only that, but it’s also affordable and pairs well with other snack components. From slicing up an apple or peeling a banana, peanutbutter goes well with both.

Snacks to eat when studying: Toast

For many, bread is a “bad” carb, but wholegrain bread can make for an accessible snack option. With toast, your snacks to eat when you’re studing list expands. You can have avocado – a source of omega oils! – on toast, peanutbutter on toast or tuna on toast – the options are endelness.


Other great snacks to eat when studying include plain yoghurt, which is high in protein without the sugar, dark chocolate, wholegrain pretzels, seeds such as pumpkin seeds – just to name a few.

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