Smart ideas for travelling the world this year you should know about

Smart ideas for travelling the world this year

31 Jan 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Travelling the world, meeting new people, seeing humanity at its grandest is what many will say is on their ultimate bucket list. However, it’s still possible to see new places without worrying about heavy expenses. Here are few ideas for travelling and not breaking the bank.

Look after people’s houses or house swap

House-sitting has given many adventure-seekers a place to stay while the owner was away. This works even better if the house is in a country or location you’re unfamiliar with, as you get a to go on vacation without the worries of where you will sleep. You just have to feed the dog, clean the house and water the plants. Another alternative is to trade houses with tourists, accommodating them for their stay, while you enjoy their homes.

Skills exchange while on the go

If you have unique skills that are needed in different parts of the world, this is for you. Having an agreement with your host to be fully accommodated while you share your knowledge and expertise can allow you to explore many hidden gems through travel.

Get a job overseas

If you’ve been craving a fresh start, a completely new space and a complete shift in your career, then securing a new job overseas should be on your radar. The trick about this one is being very deliberate with where you want to work and knowing why that country specifically. If you’ve contemplated this remember that you only live once and this could be your ultimate chance to be a globetrotter.

Start a cheap travels club with friends

The cool thing about having a travel club is the guaranteed travels that come with it. Pick a group of friends you like, start a travel fund, agree on a destination you’re saving for and start travelling. It’s really that simple.



Travel Rewards & Gift Cards

Many companies today offer rewards programs that allow you to get discounts on travels, travel points and even fully paid packages. If you are serious about travel, you must look out for these and take full advantage for your travel convenience.

Be an English teacher

There are many countries in search of people that can teach the English language and knowing the language puts you in a very good place to travel and immerse yourself in a new environment. Simply search online for countries looking for English teachers and make sure the programmes are legit before proceeding on your new travel adventures.

Register for programmes looking for people around the world.

To volunteer:,, and Workaway and HelpX

To work on a farm: WWOOF

To teach English: and ESL Cafe