Tips: Small changes to help you save R400 every month

Small changes to help you save R400 every month

12 Apr 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Saving money is one of the most important things to do, freeing up a few hundred rands will go a long way in ensuring you have enough saved up to do things you’ve always wanted to do at the end of every year.

Cut out your TV subscription

Serious about saving money? There is no reason to spend this much to get television content as there are so many cheaper options available. Also, you really don’t need to watch TV for entertainment, imagine the number of books you could finish this year if you cut out all the brain-numbing TV you watch.
If you really love watching TV, rather have get a cheaper subscription.

You don’t need a cell phone contract

Really, by the time you are done paying off that phone you don’t like the sight of it. Learn to save by paying cash for your phone and not worry about these monthly contract fees that seem to be increasing with each year with every new model that comes out.

Cut out your gym membership

This is a no-brainer if you want to save money gym at home. You’ll save on petrol and the annually increasing gym fee. Gather some neighbors start a jogging club, it’ll cost you nothing.

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Cigarettes must go.

Your cigarette budget every month over a year could pay a portion of your child’s school fees or a vacation at the end of the year. When you stop smoking you become healthier and save extra money.

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Start a stokvel

We all know that December comes with a lot of spending and family expectations, joining a stokvel where you save up for things you know you will need either in December or in the new year will make life so much better. Whether it’s a travel, grocery or school uniform stokvel, putting money away helps a great deal in the long run.
Other places you can save up money

  • Save your bonus or use it to pay off your credit card.
  • Have a savings jar where you put all your small change.
  • Make your own lunch, you’ll be shocked how much you’ll save over a year. Take your lunch to work.
  • Know more about ATM fees and what transactions to avoid.
  • Consider refinancing your house to get a lower interest rate. Compare rates at LendingTree to get the best possible rate.
  • Be on the lookout for clearance sales, there’s always a bargain waiting for you.
  • Be a rewards card genius, your wallet should have at least 10, to use when paying for groceries, fuel, clothing, and takeaways.
  • Get a cheaper car and lower your car payment.
  • Chase savings, also look for specials and be mindful of every buck.

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