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Your teen needs a good night’s sleep to perform well in their exams

30 Oct 2018 EDUCATION

By Nomali Cele

We recently covered bad habits that are likely affecting your child’s studying this exam season. One of those habits is not getting enough sleep. From the time they were young, you have probably experienced numerous situations where your child hadn’t gotten the right amount of sleep. As they got older, their need for sleep doesn’t change, only the fact that they’re in charge of their own sleeping. Do you know how much your sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, teenagers were found to average between six and seven and a half hours of sleep when they need anything between eight and 10 hours of sleep. Sleeping for over nine hours is the sweet spot for teens. Not sleeping affects your teenager in different ways, including constant exhaustion. But when it comes to their studies, the following effects are important to note:

Inability to concentrate

An exhausted mind can’t focus, let alone retain information. This means all the studying they do will be quite pointless if they’re constantly tired from not getting enough sleep. You teen could find themselves drifting off during an exam and end up losing time to answer the questions.


Imagine your exhausted teen who spent most of the night studying waking up after their alarm and rushing to get ready for school. They won’t have time to eat a balanced breakfast, will be anxious in the lead up to the day’s exam(s) from running late and might even end up being late for their exam.

How then can you ensure your teen gets enough sleep during exams? Good sleep is one of the many steps that help them stand a chance of performing better in their exams.

Help your teen sleep during exams by making their bedroom a no-studying zone

In most homes, it’s necessary for bedrooms to double as other areas: where you relax, where your teen hangs out with their friends, where the younger kids watch a few episodes of all their boring cartoons. But if your teen is cooped up in their bedroom most of the day studying for their exams, they are likely to end up too bogged out in study mode to sleep. Encourage them to study in other areas of the home and ensure that the rest of the family gives them the space to do so.

Help your teen sleep during exams by cutting out coffee and energy drinks

Caffeinated drinks are the go-to for anyone who’s trying to get more hours into their day than there are. Your teen is probably no different around exam time. But caffeinated drinks such as coffee and energy drinks are bad for concentration in the long run. That’s not mentioning the fact that too much caffeine can lead to insomniac nights, which will compromise you teen’s all too precious sleep.

Help your teen sleep during exams by making sure they make the most of bedtime

Has this happened to you before? You get into bed and spend over an hour not sleeping. It won’t matter that your teen is in bed with plenty of time ahead if they only actually sleep after about three hours. Whether reading for leisure or chatting to friends on their phone, your teen might be cutting into their sleep time.

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